Published April 28 & May 5(EPO); April 29 (WO)

A. Einstein Coll. of Med. Antibodies to Crypto- WO 93/8271New York coccal epitopeMonoclonals to epitopes on A, B, C, and D strains ofCryptococcus neoformans, to treat, detect, prevent fungalinfections.

Abbott Laboratories Recombinant immuno- WO93/7896Abbott Park, Ill. globulin exportHeterotetrameric Ig from prokaryotic organism transformedwith DNA encoding antigen-binding sites, exports signals.

Affymax Technologies Ligand-screening WO 93/8278Curaao, Neth. W.I. libraryPeptide library comprises collection of recombinant vectorsthat encode fusion protein, DNA binding site, to screen ligands.

Agracetus Inc. Inserting genes WO 93/8270,Middleton, Wisc. into animals 92Carrier particles coated with DNA encoding therapeutic proteinaccelerated into somatic cells, for therapy, strain improvement.

BASF AG Tick-borne thrombin- WO 93/8282Ludwigshafen, Germ. blockerThrombin-inhibiting protein, mol. wt. ca. 8,000 Daltons, isolatedfrom ticks "is suitable for use in the treatment of illnesses."

Baylor Coll. of Med. Fingerprinting WO 93/8297Houston bacterial strainsPaired primers that extend from one to another repetitivehybridizable DNA sequence, amplified to identify genomicbacterial strain.

BioMaterial Res. Inst. Epithelial tissue WO 93/8213Kanagawa, Japan morphogenesisRecombinant "epimorphine", produced by human or murinemesenchymal cells, has epithelial tissue morphogenetic activity.

Biotechnology Australia Intestinal parasite EPO 540 128Roseville, Australia vaccineAntigen comprising excretory/secretory protein derived fromparasitic stage of Trichostrongylus colubriformis nematode.

Brnner, Nils, et al. Drug-screening WO 93/8301Virum, Denmark methodIntroduce into vertebrate recipient ( e.g., nude mouse) labelledhuman diseased cells; administer drug; determine response.

Calgary, Univ. of Immunoglobulin Fv WO 93/8300Alberta, Canada fragment vectorExpression-secretion vectors producing bioactive Fv fragmentsor single-chain Fv molecules; host cells containing them.

Cancer Res. Campaign Reducing CB1954 EPO 540 263London to a cytotoxin WO 93/8288Bacterial nitroreductase reduces CB 1954 to cytotoxic form;conjugated to tumor-targeting agent, converts prodrugs todrugs.

Cetus Oncology Corp. Mac-2-binding WO 93/8215Emeryville, Calif. glycoproteinRecombinant glycoprotein complex selectively binds humanMac-2; for diagnosis, treatment of cancer, infections, immunediseases.

Connaught Labs. Inc. Lyme disease WO 93/8299Swiftwater, Pa. antigenRecombinant protein encoded by full-length, wild-type Borreliaburgdorferi OspA gene, for Lyme disease vaccine and test kits.

Dartmouth College Calcium channel WO 93/8469Hanover, N.H. polypeptidesImmunoreactive alpha-1-polypeptide subunit of voltage-sensitive calcium channel protein expressed in small-cell lungcarcinoma.

Emory University Serotonin transporter WO 93/8261Atlanta cDNAIsolated cDNA encoding rat, human serotonin transporters;vectors; host cells; expressed proteins antibodies, bindingoligonucleotides.

Enricherche S.p.A. Surfactin synthetase EPO 540 074Milan, Italy operonCloning, sequencing Bacillus subtilis DNA region comprisingSRFA operon, which encodes surfactin synthetase multienzymiccomplex.

Georgia, Univ. of Apoaequorin lumines- EPO 540 064Athens, Ga. cence triggerRecombinant apoaequorin photoprotein, which triggersluminescence, for in vitro diagnosis of human disease. DNAsequences, vectors, hosts.

Holmes, Michael J. Sequencing double- WO 93/8305London stranded DNASequencing both strands of DNA by PCR-amplification, reactingproducts with disparate primer supports; sequencing eachstrand.

Idemitsu Kokan Co. Targeted lympho- EPO 539 970Tokyo cytes, antibodiesProducing in immunodeficient animal a human lymphocytespecific to a desired antigen; generating monoclonal antibodythereto.

Immulogic Pharm. Corp. House-dust WO 93/8279,Cambridge, Mass. allergens 80T cell epitope of major allergens on Dermatophagoides (housedust mite); DNA sequences; for sensitivity diagnosis, treatment

Immuno AG Fowlpox virus EPO 538 496Vienna, Austria (FPV) vaccineFPV promoters; host virus strains carrying vaccinia thymidinekinase gene, accept any plasmid carrying tk-gene flankingregions.

Imp.Cancer Res. Tech. Telltale tumor WO 93/8303London geneCAR cell adhesion gene function lost in metastatic cancer cells;probes, antibodies identify compounds for restoring function.

Innogenetics SA Anti-tau WO 93/8302Ghent, Belgium monoclonalMonoclonal antibody complexes with epitope of abnormallyphosphorylated tau protein, from Alzheimer's cerebral cortex.

Kitasato Institute Attenuated measles EPO 540 135Tokyo virusMeasles virus AIK-C strain contains 15,894-bp nucleotidesequence, comprising viral genomic RNA in seed virus forvaccine.

Medimmune Inc. Vectors with lipo- WO 93/7897Gaithersburg, Md. protein signalsVector carrying lipoprotein secretion signal expresses fusionprotein with high-immunogenicity, for Lyme disease vaccine.

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