Published April 14 & 21 (EPO); April 15 (WO); April 14 (GB)

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Cholesterol WO 93/7261Tokyo oxidaseGene from Brevibacterium sterolicum cloned in E. coli yieldscholesterol oxidase, "having high affinity for cholesterol, wideoptimum-action pH."

Mars UK Limited Recombinant GB 2 260 327,8Slough, U.K. cocoa proteinGenes encoding proteins (21 and 47 kD) and precursors (23 and31 kD), "believed source of peptide flavor precursor in cocoa(Theobroma cacao).

Mass. General Hospital Pneumocystis WO 93/7274Boston carinii antigensDNA encoding antigens of rodent, human Pneumocystis carinii;homologous DNAs, RNAs, proteins, antibodies; for prophylaxis,therapy.

Medvet Science Pty. Human IL-3 WO 93/7171Adelaide, Australia variantsHuman interleukin-3 mutants, characterized by amino acidreplacements, for modulation, differentiation, activation of cellsexpressing IL-3 receptor.

Meito Sangyo Co. Ltd. Low-thermosta- EPO 536 770Nagoya, Japan bility proteaseDNA construct expresses in yeast protease with lowthermostability, low productivity, derived from enzyme inmutant fungus strain.

Michigan, University of Cystic fibrosis WO 93/7265Ann Arbor, Mich. therapy"A new avenue for treating cystic fibrosis" by administeringmethylxanthine phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which increasescAMP levels.

N. C. State University Nematode-resistant WO 93/6710Raleigh plantsPlant cells transformed by DNA construct with promoteractivated by RB7 nematode-responsive element yieldtransgenic, pathogen-resistant plants.

Nederl. Toege.-Natuur. Primate retro- WO 93/07281Gravenhage, Neth. viral vectorsCocultivating primate bone-marrow cells with cells thatproduce recombinant retrovirus vector containing gene ofinterest.

Pasteur Institute Kallmann- WO 93/7267Paris syndrome geneA nucleic acid fragment encoding peptide sequences useful indiagnosing genetic anomalies linked to the Kallmann syndrome.

Pasteur Institute Helicobacter WO 93/7273Paris pylori detectionDNA comprising at least one nucleic acid sequencecorresponding to genes for detecting Helicobacter pylori, formaturation of urease.

Patrinove Soc. Civile Skin-treating EPO 537 092Lyon, France liposomesLipid microcarriers for cosmetic (scars, wrinkles),dermatological (collagen resorption) or culture-mediumapplications. [In French].

Plant Genetic Systems Ribonuclease and EPO 537 399Brussels, Belgium inhibitorExpression of RNase DNAs for disrupting and restoringfunctioning, metabolism, and development of selected planttissue cells

Princeton University Sperm-based WO 93/6859Princeton, N.J. contraceptionNucleic acids, proteins, antibodies to t-complex associatedtestes-expressed 1 sperm-surface protein, which binds spermto egg, for immunocontraception.

Promega Corp. Coupled transcrip- WO 93/7287Madison, Wisc. tion, translationCoupling transcription and translation from DNA by adding amagnesium compound to a eukaryotic cell-free extract.

Rhone-Poulenc Agrochimie. Gamma linolenic WO 93/6712Lyon, France acidRecombinant A6-desaturase enzyme converts linoleic acid to g-linolenic acid (GLA); to produce GLA in transgenic organisms.

Sandoz Ltd. Bacillus thuringien- EPO 537 105Basel, Switzerland sis vectorsOrigins of replication from B. thuringiensis kurstaki, for vectorsto stably transform bacillus strains without displacing theirnative plasmids.

Sclavo S.p.A. DNA integration EPO 537 456Siena, Italy into yeastsVectors for high-number, multiple DNA integrations intoKluyveromyces lactis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae host cells.

Scripps Research Inst. Lipoprotein WO 93/7165La Jolla, Calif. assaysPolypeptide construct immunologically mimics epitope in low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), for assayings LDL and HDL levels inplasma.

Smart Plants Intl. Tomato-specific WO 93/7257San Diego promotersThese exemplify DNA comprising tissue-specific regulatoryregions to transform plants with modified phenotypicproperties.

Smart Plants Intl. Plant defense WO 93/7279San Diego genesRegulatory sequences for plant genes that encodephenylalanine ammonia-lyase in potato or rice; useful inagrichemical assays.

Toyota Jidosha Kab. Farnesyl pyrophos EPO 537 553Aichi-ken, Japan phate enzymeDNA encoding a thermally stable farnesyl pyrophosphatesynthetase originating from Bacillus stearothermophilus;production system.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Binding protein; WO 93/7269Cambridge, Mass. human cDNAMammalian binding protein ca 57,000 M; corresponding humancDNA, ca 2.2 Kb, isolated by screening placenta library;predicted consensus amino acid sequences.

Walz, Alfred Activating EPO 538 030Koeniz, Switzerland neutrophilsRecombinant polypeptide factor able to activate neutrophils,derived from epithelial cells; treating lung disorders withinhibitors to factor.

Washington Research Fn. Osteoclast WO 93/7271Seattle progenitorsRecombinant osteoclast-colony-stimulating factor promotesbone-resorbing osteoclast-progenitor growth in bone-marrowcell cultures.

Whitehead Inst. Systemic immune WO 93/6867Cambridge, Mass. responsesMethod for altering specific, systemic immune response to atarget antigen by co-administering a cytokine, an adhesion oraccessory molecule.

Yeda R&D Co. Ltd. Interferon EPO 536 520Rehovot, Israel beta-2AExpression of recombinant interferon b2A to preparepharmaceuticals against inflammation, cell proliferation, acutephase response.

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