Plotting cancer therapy in a customized fashion developed byAntiCancer Inc. is the subject of a presentation scheduled todayat the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting inOrlando, Fla.

Patients with gastrointestinal cancer had their tumors culturedand tested in a system that preserves tissue structure andshould maintain in vivo drug responsiveness. The in vitro assayhad a 93 percent correlation with the patients' actual drugresponse in a collaborative trial at the Keio University School ofMedicine in Tokyo.

"The results clearly show that AntiCancer's technology candetermine which drugs will result in a cancer patient'sresponse as well as those that are ineffective," said theuniversity's lead investigator, Tetsuro Kubota. The San Diegocompany's in vitro technology also predicts if drugs will lead tocancer patients' increased survival, Kubota said. -- NancyGarcia

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