Published April 14 & 21 (EPO); April 15 (WO); April 14 (GB)

Akzo NV Hepatitis C EPO 537 856Arnhem, Netherlands monoclonalsHybridoma cell line that produces a monoclonal antibodyspecific for hepatitis C virus core protein epitopes.

Alabama, Univ. Res. Fn. Cancer diagnosis WO 93/7297Birmingham, Ala. by p58Cancers lacking p58 gene G e.g., neuroblastoma, mammarycarcinoma, melanoma G diagnosed by probe complementary top58 kinase gene.

Behringwerke AG Epithelial EPO 537 489,Marburg, Germany mucin 497Monoclonal antibodies against tumor-associated antigens, and"polymorphic epithelial mucin"; its production, use, fordiagnosis, therapy. (In German)

Boehringer Ingelheim Intl Recombinant EPO 536 646Ingelheim, Germany virusesVirus replication in yeast vector; DNA-sequence containingviral genome, yeast regulatory sequences, marker gene, foreigngene inserted, expressed. Co-applicants: Genentech; ImperialCancer Res. Tech. (In German)

Boehringer Ingelheim Intl.Cloning eukary- WO 93/7282Ingelheim, Germany otic cellsConjugates for inserting gene constructs into higher eukaryoticcells. Co-applicant: Univ. of N. Carolina.

British Biotechnology Leukocyte adhesion WO 93/7268,Oxford, England molecule 7490DNA encoding truncated soluble endothelial leukocyte adhesionmolecule (ELAM), for prognosis, diagnosis of vasculature-damaging diseases.

Calgene Pacific Pty. Transgenic tuber WO 93/7272Collingwood, Australia plantsDNA constructs for producing transgenic tuber plants, andencoding a molecule that enhances cytokinin levels in suchplants.

California, Univ. of Tomato acid inver- WO 93/6711Berkeley, Calif. tase geneIncreasing or decreasing fruit sucrose content by inhibiting oroverexpressing its acid invertase content.

California, Univ. of Ethylene responses WO 93/7264Berkeley, Calif. in plantsTransgenic plants comprising antisense DNA constructs thatdecrease ethylene-mediated responses, such as fruit ripening.

CEA (Atomic Energy Com.) Deprotection for WO 93/7164Saclay, France RNA synthesisRNA synthesis by successively condensing nucleosides providesfull deprotection in about 10 hours with RNAs of more than 50bases.

ChemGen Corp. Stable alkaline WO 93/7276Gaithersburg, Md. proteasesAlkaline-soil bacteria, stable in presence of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates, yield high-stability proteases, when stored incommercial detergents.

Childrens Hospital DiGeorge syndrome WO 93/7293Philadelphia mutationsDetecting genetic deletions and mutations involving DiGeorgesyndrome group, by DNA from human patient; probes, primers,diagnostic kits.

Ciba-Geigy AG Gene-insertion WO 93/7256Basel, Switzerland particle gunA particle gun for introducing genetic material into cells,tissues, organs, by compressed gas propulsion; includes stripperfor easy reloading.

Ciba-Geigy Insecticidal peptides WO 93/7278Basel, Switzerland for maizeDNA to express Bacillus thuringiensis insectical proteins inmaize; tissue-specific promoters; high-activity transformationvectors.

Cornell Research Fn. Plant wound WO 93/6713Ithaca, N.Y. inductionDicot wound inducible promoter in monocot plant; monocotintron to enhance its activity; introduction of foreign genetictrait.Cornell Research Fn. Cloning cyclodiene WO 93/7161Ithaca, N.Y. resistance"@first reported cloning of invertebrate GABAreceptor@providing unique ability to manipulate resistancestatus of insect via genetic transformation."

Dana Farber Cancer Inst. Lung-cancer WO 93/6858Boston antigenPurified human lung-cancer-associated protein; monoclonalantibody to detect it in biological sample.

DSM Expression in fila- WO 93/7277NL-6411, Netherlands mentous fungiCasette for inducing expression of oligopeptide or polypeptidein filamentous fungi, using Aspergillus niger promoter.

Flinders Technologies Anti-pregnancy WO 93/6857Bedford Pk, Australia vaccineHuman trophoblast membrane expressed protein, or fragment,is immunogen for vaccine to prevent pregnancy "in a femaleanimal, including a woman."

Genentech Inc. GPA neurotro- WO 93/7270S. San Francisco, Calif. phic factorNucleic acids encoding GPA protein; recombinant GPA useful inpreparing antibodies, diagnosing neuronal disorders.

Hoffmann-La Roche AG Anti-ab-integrin EPO 537 654Basel, Switzerland antibodiesMonoclonal antibody, or fragment, that binds human anti-ab-integrin;pharmaceutical compositions thereof to treat cancer.

Iatron Laboratories Inc. Staph-resistant WO 93/7487Tokyo benzeneDetecting Staphylococcus aureus strains resistant to mesitylene(trimethyl benzene) by antibody to proleucocidin or leucocidin;DNA encoding these antigens.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Modifying tomato WO 93/7275London ripeningInhibiting expression of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphatedehydrogenase gene by DNA/RNA manipulation, to modifyripening properties in fruits.

Idaho Research Fn. Antibiotic re- WO 93/7266Moscow, Idaho sistance factorTransforming target cells by homologous recombination, viamanipulation of positive and negative selectable gene markers.

Indiana, University of Screening for WO 93/7296Bloomington, Ind. Alzheimer'sScreening for risk of Alzheimer's involves detecting guanine-to-thymine mutation in gene encoding amyloid precursorprotein.

Intl. Gen. Engineering Antibody-gene EPO 536 566Santa Monica, Calif. assemblyVector comprising intron-free DNAs encoding Ig heavy-chain(1) non-human variable region, V-D-J junction; (2) humanconstantregion

Kremers-Urban Co. Pig-liver peptides EPO 537 722Mequon, Wisc. v viral infections"Substantially pure" recombinant porcine liver polypeptidecompositions, MW 5,000 to 40,000 D, to treat HIV and otherviral infections.

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