Published March 31 & April 7 (EPO); April 7 (WO)

Mass. General Hosp. Blocking T cell/Boston B cell bindingInactivating B cells and T cells in a patient by administering asoluble protein comprising part of CD22b that binds to a T cellligand.

Mass. General Hosp. Recombinant WO 93/06230Boston annexin XIDNA molecules, transformed hosts, which express annexin XIpolypeptide, a potential anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant.

Medical Res. Council Humanizing hybrid WO 93/06213London antibodiesChain shuffling produces antibodies, or fragments, with samebinding specificity as parent antibody, but increased humancharacteristics.

Mogen Intl. Transformation of WO 93/06220Leiden, Neth. plant cellsCulturing plant cells transformed with gene encodingtryptophan analog in presence of analog deleterious to non-transformed cells.

Monsanto Co. Plant resistance EPO 536 106St. Louis, Mo. to PVXA DNA sequence encoding a potato virus X replicase geneprotects plant from PVX infection, when gene is sufficientlyexpressed.

Mycogen Corp. Lepidopteran WO 93/05657San Diego pest controlA Bacillus thuringiensis gene encoding protein toxic tolepidopteran insects can transform prokaryotic, eukaryoticexpression hosts.

Nalco Chemical Co. Sulfonated polymer EPO 535 347Naperville, Ill. monoclonalsA monoclonal antibody with affinity to a sulfonated polymer ofacrylic acid and acrylamide; to detect, assay copolymer in afluid.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Health) DNA encoding Plas- WO 93/06125Bethesda, Md. modium geneDNA segments encoding Plasmodium falciparum glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase protein; obtained by PCRamplification.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Health) Dengue virus WO 93/06214Bethesda, Md. vaccineDNA in chimeric virus genome encodes structural, non-structural, proteins from two flaviviruses; for dengue,encephalitis vaccines.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Health) Human IL-8 WO 93/06229Bethesda, Md. receptorA cDNA clone encodes a human interleukin-8 receptor,expressible in oocytes or transfected host cells

NIH (Natl. Insts. Health) Dopamine WO 93/06238Bethesda, Md. transportercDNA encodes dopamine transporter protein found in neuralcells; to raise anti-DAT1 antibodies, for drug screening,diagnosis, treatment.

Oklahoma Med. Res. Fn. Shunting HIV to WO 93/06216Oklahoma City, Okla. lysosomesFusion gene between a CD4 gene and a lysosome targeting gene,when expressed in HIV-infected cells, bind viral gp160, divertcomplex to lysosomes for degradation.

Pfizer Inc. Detecting mRNA EPO 534 640New York in cellsDetecting, measuring, specific mRNA sequences in living cells,to evaluate patients for disease states, mass-screen chemicalcompounds for effects on gene products

Rhode Island Hospital Expression cloning EPO 534 619Providence, R.I. methodEleven-step procedure describes, e.g., "vector with expressioncontrol element operatively attached at linkage sites tonucleotide sequence."

Salk Institute Thyroid/steroid WO 93/06215La Jolla, Calif. receptorsDNA sequences, vectors, host organisms, expression, of novelsteroid/thyroid receptor superfamily members; uses thereof.

Scripps Research Inst. 'Siccing' killer cells EPO 534 618La Jolla, Calif. on HBVPeptides define epitopes to stimulate cytotoxic lymphocytesagainst hepatitis B virus antigens, for treatment, prophylaxis.

Scripps Research Inst. Gaucher mutation WO 93/06244La Jolla, Calif. assayMethod for detecting new Gaucher disease insertion mutationadjoining position 57 in normal glucocerebrosidase gene exon 2.

Scripps Research Inst. Human antibodies WO 93/05796La Jolla, Calif. in miceReconstituting human immune system, in non-human animal,e.g., immunodeficient mouse, to produce human antibodies.

Sloan-Kettering Cancer Monoclonal antibody WO93/05804Inst., New York F19Activated stromal fibroblast-specific antibody F19; hybridomacell line producing it; for therapy, imaging.

Smart Plants Intl. Plant-protecting WO 93/05645San Diego lysozymesTransgenic plants, e.g., tobacco, that express properly processedruminant lysozymes, and are resistant to bacterial pathogens.

SmithKline Beecham Parainfluenza WO 93/06218Biol., Rixensart, Belgium vaccinesRecombinant parainfluenza virus fusion proteins, orimmunogenic derivatives, "have potential utility in preventionof PIV3 infection."

Stichting Phytogenetics Mutating a plant WO 93/06221Amsterdam, Neth. genomeDeletion or inversion mutation in a plant genome, byintegrating rDNA for a transposable element, and recombinanttransposition-effector.

Sumitomo Electric Inds. Extracting specific EPO 533 952Osaka, Japan nucleic acidSeparating specified nucleic acid from dissolved specimen byimmobilizing single strand, contacting specimen, isolatinghybridized sequence.

Syntex-Synergen Glial neurotrophic WO 93/06116Boulder, Colo factorNeurotrophic factor isolated from glioblastoma cells cloned,sequenced; gene inserted into host to express bioactive product.

Tech. Management Low-nicotine WO 93/05646Commugny, Switz. tobaccoPlants transformed with expression casettes comprising genesequences encoding nicotine-degrading enzymes inbiosynthetic pathway.

Teijin Ltd./Chemo-Sero Industrial-scale EPO 534 383Osaka, Japan Factor VIIIAnimal host cell that expresses H and L chains of human FactorVIII "at high expression level@for production@on an industrialscale."

Teijin Ltd. Platelet-agglutination WO 93/06232Osaka, Japan blockerHuman monoclonal antibody combines with humanglycoprotein IIb/IIIa to inhibit human platelet agglutination.

U.S. Biochemical Corp. DNA cycle WO 93/ 06243Cleveland sequencingProcedure includes contacting DNA sample to primer inpresence of polymerase and dNTPs; repeating contacting-dissociating steps 10-200 times.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Bovine LAD WO 93/06242Washington, D.C. diagnosticDNA encoding mutations in gene causing bovine leukocyteadhesion deficiency, to test, identify cattle alleles attributableto disease.

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