Published March 31 & April 7 (EPO); April 7 (WO)

Amoco Corp. Genomic DNA probe WO 93/06246ChicagoDirect-label probe compositions, which counterstain genomicDNA, comprise mixed DNA segments, covalently bound tofluophore groups.

Amoco Corp. DNA sequence WO 93/06246Chicago transaminationProbes formed of cloned DNA complementary to sequences inselected chromosome region of human genome; transaminated.

Behringwerke AG Cytomegalovirus EPO 534 102Marburg, Germany peptidesHuman cytomegalovirus-specific monoclonal antibodies andantigens; for immunochemical applications. [In German]

Boehringer Ingelheim.Cloning in higher EPO 535 576Ingelheim, Germany eukaryotesConjugates of antibody to a viral vector, to introduce nucleicacid into higher eukaryotic cells for therapeutic uses. [InGerman]

Boyce-Thompson Plant Baculovirus WO 93/06210Res. Inst., Ithaca, N.Y. replicationInsect cell lines derived from Trichoplusia ni (cabbage looper)can replicate various baculoviruses; for use, e.g., as insecticides.

Celltech Ltd. Milk-fat-globule EPO 534 742Slough, U.K. antibodies WO 93/06231Recombinant humanized antibodies against human milk-fatglobule, conjugated to anti-tumor agents; for in vivo diagnosis,therapy.

CNRS (Natl. Sci. Cerebral endothe- WO 93/06222Res. Ctr.) Paris lial cellsImmortalized cerebral epithelial cell lines, obtained bytransfecting viral or cellular oncogene; for study of blood-brainbarrier

CNRS (Natl. Sci. Muscle-cell expres WO 93/06223Res. Ctr.) Paris sion vectorsViral recombinant vectors, recognizable by muscle-cellreceptors, for delivering recombinant drugs to treat diseasedmuscle tissues.

Ctr. for Innovative Microbial industrial WO 93/06225Tech., Herndon, Va. plasticsSynthesis of recombinant polybetahydroxyalkanoatecopolymers from genes of Alcaligenes eutropus, inserted inhost strain.

Cytel Corp. Killer T cells EPO 534 615San Diego target hepatitisCytotoxic T-lymphocyte-stimulating peptides induce HLA-restricted responses to hepatitis B virus antigens; fortreatment, prevention, prognosis.

Duphar Intl. Research Swine dysentery EPO 534 526Weesp, Neth. vaccineRecombinant proteins or polypeptides of Treponemahyodysenteriae bacterium sheath protein, as antigens for swinedysentery vaccine.

ELi Lilly & Co. Non-fusion EPO 534 705Indianapolis polypeptidesIncreasing yield of low molecular weight polypeptidesexpressed, without fusion, in prokaryotic hosts, by adding oneamino acid.

Eniricherche S.p.A. Growth hormone EPO 534 568Milan, Italy analogsMutating human growth hormone, by replacing arginine 134with another selected amino acid, yields enzyme-resistanttherapeutic.

Fred Hutchinson Human cyclin E WO 93/06123Cancer Ctr., SeattleNucleic acid molecules hybridizable to target DNA sequence ofhuman cyclin E, encoding polypeptides, immunologic bindingpartners.

Freshworld L.P. Transformed WO 93/06209Cinnaminson, N.J. pea plantsPea explants transformed by incubation with Agrobacteriumcells carrying foreign DNA, which will stably express inregenerated plants.

Genentech, Inc. Bifunctional F(ab')2 WO 93/06217S. San Francisco, Calif. antibodiesHigh-yield production of antibody Fv-containing polypeptides;especially Fab' and F(ab')2 are provided; affords homogeneity,purity.

Hagiwara, Yoshihide Cyanobacterium EPO 533 942Hyogo, Japan host cellGene encoding desired polypeptide has structural sequenceflanked by transcription-initiating and terminating regions ofAnacystis nidulans (blue-green alga) genome, for efficientexpression.

Harvard University Mammals lacking WO 93/05817Cambridge, Mass. MHC antigensTransgenic mammals whose cell surfaces lack majorhistocompatibility antigens; for tissue transplant donation,somatic cell therapy.

Hitachi Chemical Co. Binding peptide EPO 535 804Tokyo pairscDNA encoding a biologically active peptide's receptor; deducedhomologous sequence of a peptide to bind it, for diagnosis,therapy.

Hoechst AG Secondary-metabo- WO 93/06219Frankfurt, Germany lite genesIsolating secondary-metabolite genes from actinomycetes,using probes from Streptomyces griseus to screen out desiredsequences.

Hong Kong Tech Silkworm larvae WO 93/06224Co. Ltd., Hong Kong transformantBombyx mori DNA in expression vector with foreign promotertransforms silkworm larvae.

Hosp. for Special Antibodies to WO 93/05813Surgery, New York T-cell subsetsIncubating a polyclonal T cell population with microbialsuperantigen, then injecting into host animal, yields antibodiesto specific T-cell subsets.

Immunotech SA Humanized T cell EPO 534 878Marseilles, France antibodiesDNA sequences encoding a variable region of human T-cellantigen, and mouse constant region, produce chimericantibodies. [In French]

Incyte Pharmaceuticals Immune WO 93/06228Palo Alto, Calif. stimulantNovel recombinant liposaccharide binding protein, useful instimulating immune system.

Japan Marine Sci& Hydrocarbon-eating EPO 536 046Tech Ctr., Japan bacteriumA cultured Flavobacterium strain emulsifies, solubilizeshydrocarbons, has tolerance to acid, salinity, organic solvents,pressure.

Keygene NV Enhanced DNA EPO 534 858Wageningen, Neth. fingerprinting WO 93/06239Restriction fragment length polymorphisms identified bycontrolled amplification of all or part of a starting DNAcontaining unknown sequence.

Makhloup, Samar Alcohol-intake WO 93/06133et al., Chicago detectionAntibody to a transferrin homolog found in alcoholics, but notnon-alcoholics, for immunoassay to detect, quantitate alcoholconsumption.

Manson, Lionel Disarming tumor WO 93/06233Bala Cynwyd, Pa. resistanceTo sensitize a growing tumor to lymphocytotoxic effector cells,generate monoclonal to one oncotope, then a blocking antibodyto uncover more oncotopes.

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