Bio-Technology General Corp. (NASDAQ:BTGC) has licensed theexclusive worldwide rights to its patented aminopeptidaseenzyme for processing genetically engineered proteins toSandoz Pharma Ltd. the largest of parent company SandozLtd.'s operating divisions.

New York-based BTGC will also supply the bacterial enzyme(which it makes in its Israel facility) to Sandoz, which intendsto use the aminopeptidase to process pharmaceutical proteins,such as interleukins, which it produces in E. coli. These hostorganisms tend to add an extra methionine residue at theamino terminus of recombinant proteins; aminopeptidase(which is derived from Aeromonas bacteria) removes thatresidue, rendering the protein essentially nature-identical.BTGC uses the technology to produce its authentic humangrowth hormone.

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