Published March 17 & 24 (EPO & GB); March 18 (WO)

Ag./Food Research Coun. YAK gene WO 93/05165Cambridge, U.K. expressionEmbryonic stem cells are prepared from yeast artificialchromosomes, for transfering large-size DNA segments intoorganisms.

American Cyanamid Co. HSV infection EPO 531 728Stamford, Conn. vaccineRecombinant herpes simplex virus in baculovirus expressionsystem produces highly immunogenic glycoprotein, useful inHSV vaccines.

American Cyanamid Co. Cardiac adenylyl WO 93/05061Stamford, Conn. cyclaseDNA sequence encoding cardiac adenylyl cyclase, an effectorenzyme; its amino acid sequence.

Amgen Inc. Hepatitis B EPO 533 492Thousand Oaks, Calif. vaccineHighly immunogenic hepatitis B vaccine comprisesrecombinant, yeast-expressed HBsAg and a bile salt, sodiumdeoxycholate.

Bayer AG Pinosylvin EPO 533 010Leverkusen, Germany synthase geneIsolation from plant source of gene for pinosylvin synthase, torender plants transgenic, for resistance to parasites.

Baylor Coll. of Medicine Bass-addition WO 93/05183Houston sequencingMultiple base-addition sequencing scheme (BASS) for rapidsequencing of oligonucleotides; improving and monitoringcoupling efficiency.

Beckman Instruments Streptolysin O WO 93/05152,Fullerton, Calif. antibodies 05155, 05156Recombinant derivatives, variants of streptolysin O (SLO);antibodies thereto; purification and assays for wild-type SLO.

Blumenfeld, Maria Hepatitis WO 93/05157Paris ribosomal structureRibosomal structure derived from genomic RNA of deltahepatitis virus, capable of transcleavage activity on anotherRNA sequence.

Boston University Hypertension WO 93/05073Boston screeningcDNAs encoding angiotensin, vasopressin, their receptors;proteins expressed; antibodies, to screen individuals, drugs forhypertension.

British Tech. Group. Ltd. HSV polypeptide GB 2 259 705London inhibitorA polypeptide that inhibits replication of herpes simplex andlike viruses has amino acid sequences in HSV region 360-367.

British Tech. Group. Ltd. Ammonia WO 93/05154London productionA mutant nitrogen-fixing bacterium wherein nitrogenaseactivity is controlled by a nifA gene, and regulated by a mutantnifI gene.

Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr. Direct detec- EPO 531 974Los Angeles tion of HCV RNAFast accurate means for directly determining presence andquantity of hepatitis C virus in a sample, thus in a patient.

Dai-Kin Industries Ltd. Identifying WO 93/05177, 178Osaka, Japan nucleic acidsIdentifying a known target nucleic acid sequence in a fixedcellular biological structure by in situ hybridization toreporter-labeled Rec/A single-stranded probe.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Rheumatoid WO 93/04700Boston arthritis reagentsAntibodies reactive with epitope of T cell receptor alpha chainvariable region, defining individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

Danisco AS Selecting trans WO 93/05163Copenhagen, Denmark formed cellsIdentifying genetically transformed plant cells by effectcreated by introduced nucleotide sequence, not markerresistance gene

Doerr, Hans-Wilhelm Culturing EPO 531 562, 911Dreieich, Germany mammalian cellsUse of polyvinylbutyral on the culture surface for growinganchorage-dependent mammalian cells in protein-freemedium.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Ctr. Helix-loop- WO 93/05056Seattle helix zipperMax polypeptide, when associated with Myc or Madpolypeptide, can bind to nucleic acid sequences containingCACGTG.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Ctr. Gene isolation, WO 93/05149Seattle mappingIsolating eukaryotic genes based on their genomic locations,using probes obtained by subtractive hybridization.

Fucell Pty. Ltd. Cell separa- WO 93/05166Randwick, Australia tion, fusionDielectrophoresis to separate cells of different types, and fusean isolated selected cell with another cell or vector.

Gen-Probe Inc. Probing EPO 531 798San Diego organisms, virusesA probe to quantify, identify target infective organismscomprises labeled oligonucleotide complementary to uniquetRNA sequence.

Ghent, University of Recombinant WO 93/05161Ghent, Belgium bile salt hydrolysateLactobacillus microorganism genetically transformed to expressheterologous bile salt hydrolysate.

Hitachi Ltd. Factor Xa EPO 532 043Tokyo linker DNASynthesis of Factor Xa linker DNA with restriction enzymerecognition site at its center, to prepare fusion gene in plasmid..

Hoechst AG Deacetylase EPO 531 716Frankfurt., Germany geneDeacetylase gene for production of phosphinothricin orphosphinothrycylGalanilGalanine; method of isolation; use.

Hoechst AG Streptomyces EPO 531 717Frankfurt., Germany promotersPromoter search vector;streptomyces promoters detectedtherewith; their isolation, identification, use.

Hoechst Japan Ltd. Early protein EPO 531 530Tokyo recoveryA gene encoding a protein secreted at an early incubation stageis cloned from a Bacillus brevis genomic DNA library, toconstruct an expression vector allowing early secretion ofdesired product.

Hoffmann-La Roche & Co. Chimeric IL-5 EPO 533 006Basel, Switzerland receptor/Ig peptidesDNA sequences encoding alpha or beta chain binding fragmentsof human interleukin 5, and constant domains ofimmunoglobulin, to synthesize recombinant protein withpharmaceutical applications.

Hong Kong Tech Co. Ltd. Silkworm larvae EPO 533 469Hong Kong transformantBombyx mori DNA in expression vector with foreign promotertransforms silkworm larvae

Hungarian Ac. Sciences Mammalian artificial EPO 532050Szeged, Hungary chromosomesNon-human cell lines contain functional centromerescomprising human DNA sequences, for inserting genes intomammalian cells.

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