Published March 3 & 10 (EPO & GB); March 4 (WO)

Melbourne, Univ. of Recombinant ryegrassParkville, Australia allergenNucleic acid sequences coding for two ryegrass pollen allergens;fragments, derivatives, homologs; proteins and peptides.

Michigan, University of Control of kB- WO 93/03750Ann Arbor, Mich. containinggenesProteins and corresponding DNA and RNA sequences, to eitherstimulate or inhibit expression of kB-containing genes.

Monsanto Co. Leaf-roll-resistant EPO 531 273St. Louis, Mo. potatoesDNA sequence encoding modified leaf-roll virus coat proteincreates transgenic potato plants resistant to leaf-roll infection.

MRC (Medical Res. Coun.) Antibody to dendritic WO 93/04187London cellsMonoclonal antibodies that precipitate specifically dendriticcells of ca 150, 120 <30 kD, and a novel subpopulation of CD3+cells.

N.J. Univ. Med. & Dent. Single-stranded, EPO 530 112Newark, N.J. stem-loop DNAsIn vitro and in vivo synthesis of "new and useful" recombinant,single-stranded, stem-loop DNAs. Replication vehicle;amplification.

New York University Anti-AIDS proteins WO 93/04085New York from plantsAnti-HIV recombinant proteins from seeds or leaves ofcarnations and a flowering plant of the Himalays, for treatingAIDS infections; cloning systems; antibodies.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Health) Flavivirus vaccine WO 93/03763Bethesda, Md. proteinsRecombinant truncated flavivirus envelope proteins haveenhanced immunogenicity; for yellow fever and other arboviralvaccines.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Health) Gene transfer WO 93/03769Bethesda, Md. to GI tractRecombinant, replication-deficient, adenovirus-mediatedtransfer of therapeutic genes to gastrointestinal tract, to encodetherapeutic proteins.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Health) Raf gene antisense WO 93/04170,86Bethesda, Md. therapyInhibition of raf protein kinase by replacing serine orthreonine in antisense-oriented raf gene with a non-phosphorylated amino acid.

Nissin Shohkunin KK HIV passive WO 93/04090Osaka, Japan immunotherapyMonoclonal antibodies reactive with HIV-1 gp120, able toneutralize in vitro infection of H9 cells by live HIV strains MNand IIIB.

North Shore Univ. Hosp. Animal model WO 93/04168Manhasset, N.Y. for sepsisHuman CD14 gene inserted into non-human embryo heightensanimal's sensitivity to endotoxin-induced sepsis mediated bygene product.

Pinares, Chang. et al. Mycobacterial EPO 529 985Geneva, Switzerland AIDS infectionA new mycobacterial pathogen, its 16S ribosomal RNA andgene sequence; PCR probes and primers; to detect infection inAIDS patients.

Princeton University YY1 transcription WO 93/04076Princeton, N.J. factorYY1 transcription factor represses, enhances transcription inadeno-associated virus, herpes, EBV, oncogenes. It has beenisolated, cloned, sequenced.

Research Corp. Techs. Multi-targeted BT WO 93/03619Tucson, Arizona insecticideRecombinant Bacillus thuringiensis sp. israelensis employssingle-colony mating technique to express protoxin genes inrecipient strain.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer High-stability EPO 531 181,7Antony, France yeast hostsHighly stable recombinant Kluyveromyces yeast cells, in whichcopy of one non-functional gene is functional in expressionvector.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Yeast promoter WO 93/04176Antony, FranceDNA comprising ADH4 gene promoter sequences ofKluyveromyces lactis, having transcriptional activity, forrecombinant gene expression.

Schering AG Platelet-inhibiting EPO 530 937Berlin, Germany proteinProtein derived from Triatoma pallidipennis (bug thattransmits Chagas disease) inhibits collagen-induced plateletaggregation; alsoas metastatic tumor therapy.

SCIOS Nova Inc. Homogeneous neurotrophic WO93/03758Mt. View, Calif. factorsRecombinant neurotrophic factors, expressed as polypeptideslacking heterogeneity associated with native CNTP factor.

SIBIA (Salk Industrial) Human calcium WO 93/04083La Jolla, Calif. channelsIsolated DNA encoding each of human calcium channels G a1,a2, b and g subunits. Cells, vectors, probes of channelmodulators.

SmithKline Beecham Bio Lyme disease WO 93/04175Rixensart, Belgium vaccinesOspA proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi subgroups, (of lowhomology with known OspA's), encoding genes for vaccines,diagnostics.

Stanford University Recombinant human WO93/03768Stanford, Calif. myoblastsIsolation, growth, differentiation, genetic engineering of humanmuscle cells, for muscle-tissue treatment or gene therapy.

Symbicom Aktiebolag Recombinant infant WO93/04171,2Umea, Sweden formulaDNA encoding human b-casein (a milk protein) for expressionin prokaryotic or eukaryotic host cells or transgenic cows, ashuman maternal milk substitute.

Texas, University of Useful Moraxella WO 93/03761Austin, Texas antigensProteins from outer membranes of Moraxella catarrhalis, arespiratory infectious bacterium, for passive immunity,vaccines.

U.S. Biochem. Corp. Sequencing lambda WO 93/04184Cleveland coat DNADetermining nucleotide base sequence of DNA in lambda viruscoat, not replicable in a bacterial cell independent of anylambda DNA within that coat.

Unigene Laboratories Alpha-amidating EPO 529 742Fairfield, N.J. enzymeDNA encoding an alpha-amidating enzyme; expression vector,host cell.

Wisconsin Milk Mkt. Bd. a-lactalbumin expressed WO93/04165Madison, Wisc. in milkUse of a mammary-specific a-lactalbumin protein forproduction of recombinant proteins in milk of geneticallyengineered mammals

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