The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that it hasopened the first trial of experimental HIV vaccines in childrenwho are infected with HIV but are manifesting no diseasesymptoms.

The Phase I trial will compare the safety of three experimentalHIV vaccines, from Chiron/Ciba Geigy, Genentech Inc. andMicroGeneSys Inc., in 90 children between the ages of onemonth and 12 years.

The trial will test two doses each of the three experimentalsubunit vaccines. The vaccines have so far been well-toleratedin ongoing trials in HIV-infected adults. One vaccine, VaxSyn,made by MicroGeneSys of Meriden, Conn., is composed of theHIV surface protein precursor gp160 and alum adjuvant. Bothof the other vaccines contain the major surface protein gp120plus adjuvant.

Genentech's vaccine contains alum, while the vaccine made byBiocine (the Chiron/Ciba-Geigy joint venture) contains MF59, anexperimental adjuvant.

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