Jeremy Rifkin's Pure Food Campaign announced late Friday thatit is about to launch a massive campaign to convince consumersto boycott milk, meat and dairy products from cows treatedwith genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (BGH).

The blitz, which the Pure Food Campaign has pledged to launchthe day FDA approves the commercial use of BGH, will includefull-page newspaper advertisements, 30-second television andradio commercials and "BGH warning leaflets" to be distributedApril 17 at 3,000 McDonald's restaurants nationwide.

The Pure Food Campaign, based in Washington, D.C., already hasa hot-line up and running: 1-900-PUREFOOD. For only 99 centsa minute, you can find out not only which consumer-productcompanies are selling BGH-free milk and dairy products, butalso the ones that aren't.

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