AgriDyne Technologies Inc. has filed registration applicationsfor bioinsecticides in four European countries and 14 LatinAmerican countries, including Mexico.

The Salt Lake City company (NASDAQ:AGRI) is requestingmarketing clearance for three bioinsecticides based on aninsect growth regulator found in tropical neem trees. Theproducts are Azatin, for non-food crop use in nursery andornamental markets; Turplex, for lawn and turf application;and Align for food crop application.

The insect growth regulator is azadirachtin. Neem trees, foundin more than 50 countries worldwide, have long beenrecognized for their natural insecticidal properties.

AgriDyne received marketing clearance from the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency for Azatin and Turplex inJanuary 1992, and anticipates EPA registration for Align thisyear.

The four European countries where approval is requested areItaly, France, Spain and the Netherlands. They "represent asignificant portion of the European market for insecticides,"said Eric Hale, AgriDyne's president and chief executive officer.He also believes they are some of the more "environmentallyprogressive" nations in Europe.

The company is attempting to broaden its market, Hale said,and increase revenue for its family of bioinsecticides. Besidesthe U.S., the Dominican Republic has already granted approvalof AgriDyne's neem-based bioinsecticides. -- Nancy Garcia

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