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Amoco Corp. DNA shear, WO 93/03150Chicago denaturationShearing nucleic acids into fragments for sandwichhybridization, and denaturing fragments into single-strandedpolynucleotides.

Amoco Corp. DNA Shigella WO 93/03187Chicago probesDetection of Shigella and/or enteroinvasive E. coli bacteria bynucleic acid probes, chromosomal sequences, specificfragments.

Anderson, W. French et al. Retroviral WO 93/03143Bethesda, Md. vectorsRetroviral vector expressing multiple protein translation eventsfrom single polycistronic mRNA, via internal ribosome entrysites.

Armand Frappier Inst. Xylanase for WO 93/03155Laval, Que., Canada biobleachingXylanase enzyme with high specific activity, for biobleaching ofchemical pulp, improving delignification abd brightening.

British Bio-Technology Insulin GF WO 93/03152Oxford, England analogsAnalogs of insulin growth factor II, in which one or more aminoacids are replaced; can be produced in E. coli, unlike naturalIGF-II.

Italfarmaco SPA Carnation WO 93/03153Milan, Italy proteinsDNA sequences coding for proteins present in plant Dianthuscaryophyllus, (carnation); expression vectors, transformedhosts.

California, Univ. (UCLA) DNA isolation, WO 93/03167Los Angeles cleavageDNA isolation, storage, cleavage provide DNA suitable forsequence-specific amplification, to detect parasitic, bacterial,viral diseases.

City of Hope Inhibiting bcr- WO 93/03141Duarte, Calif. abl genesRibozymes, provided in quantity by transfected E. coli, inhibitber-abl expression, block proliferation of leukemia carryingthese genes.

CSIRO Recombinant WO 93/03144Campbell, Australia insecticidesInsect viruses for use as insecticides or expression systems, inwhich the virus has reduced viral-particle-occluding capacity.

Dana Farber Cancer Inst. Fast-acting WO 93/03157Boston plasmidsExpression vectors with nucleic acid sequences encodingaffinity ligand,alteration-recognition sequence, gene-insertionsite.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Anti-adhesion WO 93/02698Boston moleculeA monoclonal antibody that recognizes the LAM-1 epitoperecognized by several anti-LAMs; its hybridoma; methods ofuse.

Donson, Jon et al. Plant viral WO 93/03161Riverside, Calif. nucleic acidsPlant viral nucleic acids and hosts they infect, comprisingspecific promoters, protein coding sequence, one or more non-native sequences.

DuPont de Nemours & Co. Improving plant WO93/03160WIlmington, Del. proteinsSynthetic nucleic acid fragments alter expression ofnutritionally important plant proteins; especially, to add lysine,methionine to corn.

Eli Lilly & Co. Methicillin- EPO 527 628Indianapolis resistant staphUse of PCR to detect methicillin-resistant staphylococci, byspotting mecA gene, which encodes penicillin-binding protein2A.

Ganten, Detlev et al. Hypertension EPO 528 360Berlin modelTransgenic rats with at least one human gene in their genome,participate in blood-pressure regulation; for research use.

Genentech Inc. Ecdysteroid- WO 93/03162S. San Francisco dependent regulationInducing gene expression in mammal or mammalian cell bycontacting an ecdysteroid, e.g., muristerone A, withintracellular receptor.

Harvard University Interchromosomal WO 93/03149Cambridge, Mass. recombinationCell lines for assaying human homologous interchromosomalrecombination carry endogenous mutant alleles of a selectablegene.

Iatron Laboratories Inc. Shellfish WO 93/03365Tokyo poison detectionImmunoassay of fat-soluble compounds, e.g., shellfish poisons,by antigen-antibody reaction using antibody resistant toorganic solvents.

Immunex Corp. Isolating recom- WO 93/03134Seattle binant IL-7Isolating, renaturing, purifying recombinant interleukin-7 fromprokaryotic host cells, by entrapping hosts in porous matrix.

Industrial Sci.&Tech. Wheat-germ GB 2 258 868Tokyo agglutininGenes encoding wheat-germ agglutinin and its precursor,plasmid, yeast host cells, to produce high-purity, stable productin quantity.

Joliff, Gwenacci et al. Corynebacterial WO 93/03158Paris host cellExpression and secretion of amino acid, polypeptide or proteindetermined by a corynebacteria strain.Mass. Inst. of Tech. (MIT) Tau/neuro- WO 93/03148,77Cambridge, Mass. filament kinasesTAU/neurofilament protein kinases PK40 and PK36 arepurified, characterized; coding sequences, cell lines,immunoassays, inhibitors.

MRC (Med. Res. Council) Treatment of WO 93/03151London cell populationsTreating a heterogeneous population of cells, to link copies oftheir DNA sequences, preferably near the DNA that encodedcopies.Compiled by David N. Leff

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