Published Feb. 3 and 10 (EPO),Feb. 4 (WO), Feb. 3 (GB)

AKZO NV QuantifyingArnhem, Netherlands nucleic acidTo quantify a target nucleic acid, by differential detection, adda known number of mutant-sequence molecules, amplifycompetitively.

AKZO NV Non-A, non-B EPO 525 910Arnhem, Netherlands peptidesInvention concerns peptides that react with antibodies againstNANB; detection of NANB or anti-NANB in test-fluidimmunochemical reagent, test kit.

American Cyanamid Co. Herbicide- EPO 525 384Stamford, Conn. resistant cornMonocot (e.g., corn) genes encoding a mutant acethydroxy acidsynthase (AHAS), resistant to imidazolinone herbicides. Mutantgene can confer resistance on other plants.

Bartolome Nebreda et al. Hepatitis C WO 93/02193Madrid cDNAsSeries of cDNA sequences derived from hepatitis C virus showsno homology with A, B or D , differences of 20% withU.S.isolates, 10% with Japanese.

Bio Merieux Probes for HLA WO 93/02213Marcy l'Etoile, France DR typingNucleotide probes for HLA D-region typing, using specifiedoligonucleotide sequences, may be labelled, or attached toligand.

Biotechnology General Recombinant WO 93/01830New York acetylcholinesteraseEnzymatically active, nonglycosylated, recombinant humanacetylcholinesterase with amino-acid substitutions; for therapy,diagnosis.

California, Univ. of Alzheimer animal WO 93/02189Berkeley, Calif. modelsDNA encoding amyloid-containing polypeptide fragment ofAPP, inserted into animal germ and somatic cells, producesAlzheimer disease.model.

Celltech Ltd. Multichain protein EPO 526 953Slough, Berks., U.K. productionExpressing a multichain polypeptide or protein (e.g., Ig variabledomain) in a single host cell transformed with DNA encodingeach chain.

Clonatec, SA Papillomavirus, WO 93/02217Paris detectionOligonucleotide probes for type determination, detection, ofspecific human papillomaviruses in a biological sample.

CNRS (Natl Sci. Res Ctr) Stable yeast WO 93/02200Paris host strainsPlurality of heterologous genes stably integrated in yeast strainchromosomes, under control of inducible, controllablepromoter.

CSIRO Improved rabies WO 93/01833Canberra, Australia vaccineVirus-like particle containing RNA genome sheathed in rabiesM protein,or similar rhabdovirus or paramyxovirus elements,for vaccine to treat such viral infections.

CSIRO Polyphenol WO 93/02195Campbell, Australia oxidase genesDNA sequence, or fragment thereof, including a gene coding fora polypeptide having polyphenol oxidase activity.

Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Galactinol synthase WO 93/02196Wilmington, Del. expressionDNA encoding soybean seed and zucchini leaf galactinolsynthase, to vary plant content of D-galactose-containingsucrose oligosaccharides.

Duke University Gynecologic cancer WO 93/02358Durham, N.C. diagnosisAntibodies binding to monoclonal OXA or OXB permit detecting,monitoring ovarian and endometrial cancer in biological fluid.

Enzo Biochem, Inc. Non-radioactive EPO 525 821Farmingdale, N.Y. probesNon-radioactive, chemically-labelled polynucleotide probes,hybridized to single-stranded genetic material; to determine itspresence, identification.

Enzo Biochem, Inc. Single-stranded EPO 526 912New York targetDetection of target genetic material, or mutations, using twolabelled single-strand segments complementary to targetsequences.

Finland Tech. Res. Ctr. Fusion-protein WO 93/02198Espoo, Finland recoveryProducing a recombinant, single-chain, secretable fusionprotein involves contruction, cloning, of rDNA molecule,isolating transformants.

Hagiwara, Yoshida Stabilizing WO 93/01835Hyogo, Japan antibodiesPreparation that stabilizes human monoclonal antibodiescontains 1-20 mg of D-mannitol per milligram of monoclonal,resists aggregation, precipitation.

Hamamatsu Photonics KK Detection of EPO 526 112Shizuoka, Japan DNA basesDevice detects light-induced fluorescence from fine particles,(e.g. DNA bases), continuously introduced into a hollowphotomultiplier.

Hoffmann-La Roche AG Soluble kit GB 2 258 234Basel, Switzerland ligandsRecombinant soluble kit ligand proteins stimulate mast cell anderythroid progenitors; for treatment of hematopoieticdisorders.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Polyalkanoate WO 93/02194London polymersGenes for polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase, b-ketothiolase,acetoacetyl CoA reductase, synthesized by Chromatiumvinosum

Idec Pharmaceuticals Primatized WO 93/02108La Jolla, Calif. antibodiesNucleic acids encoding chimeric antibodies, including Old Worldmonkey and human portions, monkey monoclonal antibodies;production and use.

INRA (Agron. Res. Inst.) Protein from EPO 527 063Paris transgenic milkHeterologous protein of interest expressed in milk of rabbitrendered transgenic by incorporation of transfectedeukaroyotic host cell.

Max-Planck Inst. Antipathogen plant- EPO 525 508Gottingen, Germany smut proteinDNA from P4 protein secreted by plant smut fungus, Ustilagomaydis, encodes products that combat wide range of plantpathogens.

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