AT Biochem, a division of Applied Technology Genetics Corp.(ATGC), agreed to supply Roche Molecular Systems Inc. ofBranchburg, N.J., with custom components for Roche's DNA-based human identity and parental testing kits, the Malvern,Pa., company announced.

Roche Molecular Systems' marketing partner, Perkin-Elmer ofNorwalk, Conn., will sell the material under the GeneAmptrademark for polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based products.

ATGC has optimized the GeneAmp gels and loading buffersexplicitly for the Roche PCR procedures for DNA identification.ATGC's mutation detection enhancement (MDE) technologyprovides efficient and reliable screening of large regions ofDNA, and can identify hundreds of mutations associated with agenetically toxic event in one test.

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