Published Jan. 20+27 (EPO), Jan. 21WO), Jan. 20 (GB)

Albert Einstein Coll. Med. DNA deletions, WO 93/01292New York additionsDirecting deletions, additions, substitutions in chromosomalDNA, employing e.g. sequence having homology to targetsequence.

Amer. Biogenetic Science Hepatitis A WO 93/01279Copaque, N.Y. vaccineExpression system, based e.g. on baculovirus vectors carryingDNA encoding Hepatitis A proteins capable of forming capsidparticles.

Amgen Inc. Streptomyces WO 93/00925Thousand Oaks, Calif. proteaseGene encoding proteolytic polypeptide, exported to media byStrepto-myces lividans, cleaves succinyl-ala-ala-pro-phepNitroanilide.

Balint, Robert Protease inhibitor WO 93/01305Danville, Calif. detectionTransformed host cells exhibit negative phenotype,dependent on activity of given protease. Its inhibition confersselectable phenotype.

Baron, Roland Proton pump in WO 93/01280Stamford, Conn. bone disordersProton pump (H+) in osteoclast membranes accepts therapeuticagents for bone and joint diseases, e.g. arthritis, Paget's,hypercalcemia.

Behringwerke AG Recombinant EPO 524 421Marburg, Germany herpes proteinsDNA sequences encoding human herpesvirus type 6 proteinp100, with specific immunological properties; antibodiesthereto.

Berlex Labs. Inc. Oligonucleotide- WO 93/01282Cedar Knolls, N.J. set mutagenesisOligonucleotide introduces desired mutation at one targetsite, and at a second site, introduces or eliminates a restrictionsite marker.

British Technology Group Cocaine detection GB 2 257 972LondonCocaine esterase isolated from Pseudomonas maltophiliacatalyzes cocaine debenzoylation; useful for drug detection,ideally in sensors.

California, Univ. of Feline AIDS WO 93/01278Berkeley, Calif. virus (FIV)Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) proteins, polypeptides,gene sequences; antibodies; vaccines. Live FIV can model HIVbehavior.

California, Univ. of Identifying protein WO 93/01484Berkeley, Calif. 3-D DNAComputer-assisted identification of inaccessible features inprotein sequences that fold into known 3D structures. Aminoacid positions.

Chugai Seiyaku KK Recombinant WO 93/01214Tokyo interleukin 6Production of recombinant human IL-6 with homogeneous N-terminal in animal cells transformed by DNA coding for fusionprotein.

Ciba-Geigy (Japan) Ltd. Prolylendopeptidase EPO 524 906Hyogo, Japan productionDNA encoding prolylendopeptidase; hybrid vectors,transformed hosts, to recover C-terminal amidated peptide.

Connaught Labs, Ltd. Amplifying Borda- EPO 523 976Willowdale, Ont. tella yieldIncreasing protein expression levels of Bordatella pertussisstrains by inserting two or more copies of natural gene intogenome.

Cornell Research Fn. Raccoon poxvirus WO 93/01284Ithaca, N.Y.Infectious recombinant of raccoon poxvirus with exogenousDNA from a second infectious viral genome, to create vaccinevirus.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Lymphocyte WO 93/01314Boston toxicity proteinsDNA encoding a polypeptide with which a monoclonal antibodyreacts;a vector or cell containing it;its use to identify cytolyticlymphocytes.

Duphar Intl. Research Canine corona- EPO 524 672Weesp, Netherlands virus (CCV)Vaccine for combatting coronavirus infection in dogs containsproteins or polypeptides typical of the CCV viral coat subunits.

Eli Lilly and Co. Macrolide EPO 524 832Indianapolis biosynthesis activatorGene encoding activator protein, and its recombinantvectors,increase transcriptional efficiency of macrolidebiosynthetic genes.

German Cancer Res. Center E. coli surface WO 93/01287Heidelberg, Germany antibodiesVector expresses a single chain of antibody variable domainscoupled to peptidoglycan-associated E. coli. lipoprotein.Antibody-producing cells.

German Cancer Res. Center Antibody-screening WO 93/01288Heidelberg, Germany phagemideA phagemide expressing an antibody merged to coliphage piliprotein, suitable for selecting specific antibodies from largegene banks.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Modified EPO 524 768London ribotoxinsRibotoxins lacking a cysteine for linkage to antibodies forimmunotoxin production are modified without compromisingbioactivity.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Herbicide- WO 93/01294London resistant plantsDNA encoding gene promoter for a glutathione-S-transferase,linked to exogenous gene, confers herbicide resistance ontransformed plants.

Imclone Systems Inc. Cysteine-depleted WO 93/01212Chapel Hill, N.C. IL-6In recombinant muteins and truncated interleukin-6 molecules,two cysteine residues replaced by other amino acids, with noloss of bioactivity.

Immulogic Pharm. Corp. Japanese cedar WO 93/01213Cambridge, Mass. pollinosisDNA sequences encoding Cryptomeria japonica pollen allergen;recombinant pollen; for diagnosis, treatment of Japanese cedarpollinosis.

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