Sepracor Inc. announced Thursday that it has introduced a newchromatographic approach, termed HyperDiffusionChromatography, to the commercial-scale production ofbiopharmaceuticals.

The Marlborough, Mass. company's HyperDiffusionchromatography "is designed to combine the high flowadvantages of perfusive materials with the high proteinbinding capability of soft gels through the use of Sepracor'sproprietary media HyperD. HyperD media consist of a uniquerigid structure with gel-filled pores, or a 'gel-in-a-shell,' "according to Sepracor.

William Rich, senior vice president and general manager ofSepracor's bioprocess division, said that the "HyperDiffusionChromatography may enable biotechnology companies toreduce the number of purification processes and more rapidlyscale up commercial production of protein-basedbiopharmaceuticals."

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