Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. announced Thursday that itintends to submit revised protocols to FDA in order to resumeclinical trials of its perflubron drug products, Imagent BP andOxygent HT.

Last September, the company announced a delay in initiation ofhuman studies with the two agents based on minor changes itobserved in the lungs of certain animals species during routinepreclinical tests. On the day of the announcement, Alliancestock (NASDAQ:ALLP) fell $4.75 a share, to $10.

Alliance said Thursday that the changes, primarily an increasein lung volume, were probably due to the temporary formationof pockets of air mixed with a small amount of perflubronvapor and that no histopathologic effect on lung tissue wasobserved. The company plans to review its findings with FDAbefore submitting revised protocols.

The San Diego company's stock closed Thursday at $13, up 25cents a share.

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