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Bayer AG Plant-parasite EPO 516 958Leverkusen, Germany resistanceCaffeoylGcoAG3-OGmethyltransferase gene isolated from a plant; itsuse for engineering increased resistance to parasites by cropplants.

Baylor College of Charcot-Marie- WO 92/21694Medicine, Houston Tooth diagnosisA peripheral myelin protein, PMP-22; DNA sequences encoding it;probe, primers for detecting CMT-type neuropathies.

Behringwerke AG Tetravalent EPO 517 024Marburg, Germany bi-specific receptorsTetravalent bispecific receptors, in two chemical constructs,against a tumor-associated antigen, as an efficacious anti-tumoragent.

Biotechnology R&D Prevotella WO 92/21761Corp.,Peoria, Ill. expression vectorIntroducing expressible, heterologous DNA into engineeredPrevotella ruminicola, a xylan-digesting microorganism inintestinal tracts of ruminants.

BioVecteurs, Ramonville- Vector with WO 92/21329&330St. Agne, France selective tropismSynthetic, biodegradable particulate vector with selective tropismfor a cell type; pharmaceutical composition containing it.

Chiron Corp. Viral lymphad- EPO 518 443Emeryville, Calif. enopathy proteinsRecombinant human TLR proteins, using expression vectorscontaining DNA constructs derived from ARV-2 nucleic acid; todetect hTLR antibodies.

Cognis Inc. Mutant proteases WO 92/21760Santa Rosa, Calif. from BacillusBacillus lentus proteases, mutated by site-specific mutagenesis,derived by replacement of amino acids from mature bacterialalkaline protease.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Tumor-suppressor WO 92/21781Boston p107 geneDiagnosing tumorigenicity in a subject by detecting presence orabsence of wild-type p107-encoding gene in tissue sample.

Diergenees Kundig Inst. "Mystery Swine WO 92/21375Lelystad, Netherlands Disease" (sic)Causative agent of disease; vaccine compositions; diagnostic kits;antibodies. Recombinant nucleic acid comprising agent-specificsequence

Diergenees Kundig Inst. Bovine herpes- WO 92/21751Lelystad, Netherlands virus mutantsMutant herpesvirus type 1, with deletion in glycoprotein gE gene.Peptides based thereon; antibodies, vaccines, diagnostic kits.

Dowelanco Plant-protection WO 92/21753Indianapolis insecticidesCysteine protease inhibitors protect plants from infestation byrange of crop-destroying beetles, weevils, grain borers, squashbugs, etc.

ELi Lilly & Co. Recombinant EPO 518 587Indianapolis insulin speciesNovel therapeutic molecules from insulin A and B chains,connecting peptide, provide pathway for recombinant production ofinsulin species.

Genentech, Inc. Thrombocytopenic WO 92/21755S. San Francisco, Calif. purpuraGenetically engineered therapy for AIDS-associatedthrombocytopenic purpura consists of a molecule comprising anamino-acid sequence that binds to HIV.

Iatron Laboratories Inc. Plasmin inhibitor EPO 516 863Tokyo complex (PIC)Monoclonal antibodies, reacting variously with human plasmin,plasmin inhibitor, plasminogen, to determine a patient's plasmaPIC by agglutination.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Alzheimer's EPO 518 583London diagnosis, therapyYeast Artificial Chromosomes (YACs), nucleotide sequences,polypeptides; transfected cells; transgenic animals. Fordetection, diagnosis, therapy of Alzheimer disease.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Alzheimer's GB 2 256 642London diagnosis, therapyYeast Artificial Chromosomes comprising nucleic acid sequencesnear the D21516 locus of chromosome 21, for diagnosis, therapy ofdisease alleles, notably Alzheimer.

ICI (Imp. Chem. Inds.) Amaranthus WO 92/21699London biocidal proteinsProteins are marketable, show wide antifungal and antibacterialactivity. Plants transformed with DNA encoding them gain diseaseresistance.

Japan Tobacco Co. Platelet- EPO 517 926Tokyo activating receptorsBase sequence of gene encoding human platelet-activating-factorreceptor, a chemical mediator relating to allergy and inflammationReceptor genes introduced into cells.

Kanegafuchi Kagaku KKK Lymphocyte- EPO 517 174Osaka, Japan function antigen (LFA)A human LFA-3 protein and derivatives; gene encoding human andsheep LFA-3 proteins, which have high T-cell affinity.

Medimmune Inc. Mycobacteria vs. WO 92/21374Gaithersburg, Md. tetanus toxinImmune response to tetatus toxin in an animal, induced byadministering mycobacteria transformed with DNA sequenceencodingtoxin-antibody-eliciting protein.

Medimmune Inc. CTL response WO 92/21376Gaithersburg, Md. from mycobacteriaCytotoxic T lymphocyte response in an animal induced byadministering mycobacteria transformed with DNA sequenceencodingepitope recognized by CTLs..

Mycogen Corp. Nematode-active EPO 517 367San Diego toxinsGenes or gene fragments cloned from Bacillus thuringiensisisolates, which have nematocidal activity, for transforming hoststo control nematodes.

Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. Hepatitis C virus EPO 518 313Tokyo (HCV) geneExpression system for gene encoding HCV polypeptide and associatedantigen, for serodiagnosis and vaccine preparation.

New England Biolabs Type II EPO 517 111Beverly, Mass. restriction enzymeA type II restriction endonuclease, known as Pme 1, obtainablefrom Pseudomonas mendocina; recognition sequence, cleavage point,specified.

NIH (Natl. Insts. FC174 transgenic WO 92/21229of Health), Bethesda, Md. mammalA transgenic non-human mammal (e.g., mouse) all of whose germandsomatic cells contain a viral shuttle vector, FC174 , introducedat embryonic stage.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Enhanced DNA WO 92/21693of Health), Bethesda, Md. fingerprintingThree highly informative microsatellite repeat polymorphic DNAmarkers permit ultra-rapid forensic, paternity, prenatalscreening, genetic mapping.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Retroviral WO 92/21750of Health), Bethesda, Md. gene transferEukaryotic expression vectors with RNA processing regulationaugment efficiency of foreign gene expression in cells; increasesviral titer and protein expressed.

NIH (Natl. Insts. Human lactoferrin WO 92/21752of Health), Bethesda, Md. geneLactoferrin cDNA gene from human breast tissue; promoter region,encoded protein. Gene probe detects malignancy in lactoferrin-secreting tissues

Osaka Bioscience Inst. Secretin receptor, WO 92/21754Osaka, Japan polypeptideA cDNA encoding secretin receptor from rat-mouse hybrid cells,used to transform, express COS cells, for research, clinicalapplication.

Pasteur Institute Mycobacterium WO 92/21758Paris bovis proteinsSaid proteins, or hybrid proteins comprising a part of theirsequences, useful for vaccines, medicaments, detection, monitoringof tuberculosis in humans, cattle.

Pasteur Institute Hepatitis C virus WO 92/21759Paris isolateNucleotide and peptide sequences specific to a French isolate ofhepatitis C virus; diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Petterson, Sven IgH 3'-enhancer WO 92/21762Tullingen, Sweden fragmentFragment generated by cloning mouse liver DNA, and cross-hybridizing with rat 3'-enhancer; also, eukaryotic Ig expressionvector comprising enhancer.

Plant Genetic Systems NV Nematode-responsive WO 92/21757Brussels, Belgium promotersNematode-responsive plant promoters for creating transgenicplants, which can produce fixed feeding-site cells capable ofkilling, disabling or repelling nematodes

Rhone-Merieux SA Bovine diarrhea EPO 518 756Lyon, France virus detectionAntibodies raised against recombinant viral subunit protein p80detect in blood sample bovine viral diarrhea infection; geneencoding antigen.

Solvay SA Recombinant Avipox EPO 517 292Brussels, Belgium vectorRecombinant Avipox virus derived from attenuated strain,containing gene for heterologous protein, for use as an expressionvector.

Ste. Eur. de Biotech- Bovine diarrhea EPO 518 757nologie, Seraing, Belgium viral peptidesDNA sequences encoding genomic fractions of BVD (bovine diarrheavirus) subunits gE2 and gE1 to construct viruses expressing thesepeptides.or polypeptides.

Suntory Ltd. Cardiac glycoside EPO 517 918Osaka, Japan antibodyA monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes a structuralpart of a cardiac glycoside is useful in assay, recovery,purification, search, selection of glycosides.

Takara Shuzo Co. DNA polymerase EPO 517 418Kyoto, Japan geneCloning a gene for Pol 1 DNA polymerase by PCR amplification oftarget DNA, using gene-specific primers, from which probe isselected.

Texas, University of Glucose-triggered WO 92/21756&979Austin, Texas insulin cellsArtificial b cells engineered by combining DNA sequences forinsulin, glucokinase and glucose transport, for large-scaleinsulin production.

Toray Industries Inc. Non-A, non-B EPO 516 859Tokyo viral antigenNon-A, non-B hepatitis virus antigen proteins obtained from serumof patient with chronic disease, useful in monitoring status ofsuch hepatitis.

Tosoh Corp. DNA purification EPO 517 515Yamaguchi, Japan methodTo purify plasmid or cosmid DNA, without centrifugation or toxicreagents, lyse microorganisms containing said DNA, applyultrafiltration, then condense DNA.

Triplex Pharm. Corp. Triplex-forming WO 92/21690The Woodlands, Texas oligonucleotidesPurine-base modified guanosine analogues incorporated intotriplex-forming oligonucleotides, for treatment of disease, gene-expression regulation.

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