The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seekingtechnology licensing and cooperative research anddevelopment agreement (CRADA) proposals frompharmaceutical or biotech companies for stabilizing nitric oxidecompound technology developed by Larry Keefer of theNational Cancer Institute (NCI).

Scientists at the NCI-Frederick Cancer Research andDevelopment Center have found that nitric oxide/nucleophilecomplexes can be used for the controlled biological release ofnitric oxide, which in turn can be used to mediate a number ofbiological responses. Nitric oxide has been implicated in thenormal physiological control of blood pressure, inhibition ofplatelet aggregation and adhesion, bronchodilation,immunologically induced cytostasis and neurotransmission.

As announced in the Nov. 23 Federal Register, "any CRADA touse the controlled release of nitric oxide as a research tool or indrug design will be considered." And licenses for thebiomedical use of stabilized nitric oxide complexes areavailable from the Office of Technology Transfer.

For more information, call Raphe Kantor, Office of TechnologyDevelopment, at 301-846-5465.

-- Jennifer Van Brunt Senior Editor

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