PerSeptive Biosystems Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., named CharlesW. Miller Jr. senior vice president of operations and technology.He was senior vice president and general manager of U.S.operations at Sepracor Inc.

Roderick N. Stacey, a member of Calgene Inc.'s board ofdirectors, was named president and chief operating officer ofthe Davis, Calif., company.

Cephalon Inc. of West Chester, Pa., named David Brigdendirector of medical affairs, Europe. He was director of clinicaldevelopment at Clintrials Ltd.

Patricia B. Prichep was named director of operations at Cel-SciCorp. of Alexandria, Va. She was manager, quality andproductivity at the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc. of West Trenton, N.J., named toits board of directors Allan M. Fox, managing partner of Fox,Bennett & Turner, a Washington, D.C., law firm.

SciClone Pharmaceuticals of San Mateo, Calif., named MelanieWong director of marketing and Mark Culhane corporatecontroller. Wong was a business development consultantworking with bioscience and medical technology companies.Culhane was an senior audit manager for Price Waterhouse.

Dennis Harp was promoted to director of corporatecommunications at Genetics Institute Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.Harp replaces Melinda Lindquist, who will become director ofplanning and administration-scientific affairs.

The Institute for Biological Research and Development Inc. ofIrvine, Calif., named Garrick I. Fiddler vice president of itsEuropean division. Fiddler was director and vice president ofworldwide product registration for SmithKline BeechamPharmaceuticals.

Alexandra Hopwood was named director of clinical affairs atCantab Pharmaceuticals plc of Cambridge, England. She wassenior international clinical research associate at SyntexResearch.

Zynaxis Inc. of Malverne, Pa., named to its board of directorsAlan Steigrod, a consultant and former executive vice presidentof Glaxo Inc., and Keith R.L. Mansford, chairman of the bio-pharmaceutical practice for Howard Fisher Associates, anexecutive search firm.

Canguard Health Technologies Inc. of Vancouver, BritishColumbia, named to its board of directors Russell Phares andRobert Bender, replacing Leonard Metcalfe and Ian Anderson.Phares was chief executive officer of CooperVisionPharmaceuticals Inc. and Cooper Laboratories, and Bender is aventure capital specialist in the international health care sector.

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