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Genentech Glycoprotein WO 92/19735S. San Francisco, Calif. selectin ligandNucleic acids encoding selectin ligands; their use in treatingexcessive binding of circulating leukocytes to endothelial cells.

GenSet Sense/antisense WO 92/19732Paris, France nucleotidesCircular rather than linear sense/antisense oligonucleotides,having no free ends, resist exonuclease degradation.

ICI (Imperial Anti-glyphosate WO 92/19719Chem. Inds.), London bacteriaStrains of Alcaligenes and Pseudomonas species degradeglyphosate, "may be used in producing herbicide-resistantplants."

ICI (Imperial Polyhydroxyalkanoate WO 92/19747Chem. Inds.), London polymerA plant, preferably oil-producing, has a recombinant genome,with genes critical to specifying the polymer pathway.

Idemitsu Kosan Co. Anti-cathepsin WO 92/19756Tokyo monoclonalA monoclonal antibody reacting specifically with humanprocathepsin I, for treating diseases caused by this cell-digesting enzyme.

Japan Tobacco Inc. Disarming EPO 512 120Tokyo PseudomonadsA cloned nonpathogenic mutant of Pseudomonas solanacearumcan render pathogenic species non-pathogenic and nontoxic.

Mass. General Hosp. Light expression WO 92/19724Boston in plantsBlue, UV or high-intensity light induces expression ofexogenous genes in plants, to render them transgenic orchimeric.

Medical Res. Council Herpes virus WO 92/19748London particlesHerpes virus mutant produces non-infectious "L-particles,"which lack virion's nucleocapsid, useful as herpes vaccinecomponent.

Merck & Co. Neurokinin-1 (NK1R) EPO 514 207Rahway, N.J. receptorPCR-prepared NK1R short form, cDNA sequence, expressionsystem, used to assay Substance P-receptor-binding entities.

Merck & Co. Hepatitis-B (HBV) WO 92/19740&741Rahway, N.J. antigensMixture of HBV surface proteins, as particles with reduced hostcarbohydrate, for preventive, therapeutic, vaccines.

Michigan, Univ. of Cell-surface WO 92/19749Ann Arbor, Mich. receptor genesTargeting gene encoding surface receptor for internalexpression in vivo, to transfect specific cell, for use in genetherapy.

MicroGenics Corp. Enzyme complemen- EPO 514 173Concord, Calif. tation assaysOmega region of beta-galactosidase termini form activecatalytic enzyme complex, to assay analyte in sample.

Minnesota, Univ. of HLA genotype WO 92/19771Minneapolis determination"Unambiguous determination of Cass 1 HLA genotype in 16-24hours" by direct sequencing of HLA-A,B and C transcripts ofPCR products.

Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Optically active EPO 513 806Tokyo carboxylic acidsExpression system for DNA fragment encoding esterase, whichassymetrically hydrolyzes carboxylic acid esters.

Mogen International Chalcone synthesis EPO 513 884Leiden, Netherlands blockingTransformed male-sterile plants expressing gene in anthers,which inhibits expression of enzyme involved in chalconesynthesis.

Mycogen Corp. Nematode-controlling WO 92/19739San Diego genesDNA sequences cloned from Bacillus thuringiensis isolates havenematicidal activity, for transforming plant hosts.

N. Carolina, Univ. of Vitamin-K-dependent WO 92/19636Chapel Hill, N.C. carboxylaseDNA encoding human or bovine vitamin-K-dependentcarboxylase; expression-system vectors; host cells; purifiedprotein.

NIH (Nat'l. Inst. CEA viral WO 92/19266 of Health) Bethesda, Md. vectorRecombinant vaccinia virus expresses immunogeniccarcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) on infected cell surface.

NIH Colon carcinoma WO 92/19650Bethesda, Md. detectionMonoclonal antibodies targeting human thymidylate synthase;diagnostic kits to detect enzyme and colon carcinoma cells.

NIH Macrophage WO 92/19727Bethesda, Md. migration inhibitioncDNA for expressing Macrophage Migration Inhibition Factor(MIF), obtained from ocular lens of humans, mice, chickens.

NIH Murine leukemia WO 92/19773Bethesda, Md. virus epitopeMonoclonal antibodies, or binding fragments target an antigenicdeterminant of Friend murine leukemia virus envelope protein.

Novo Nordisk Rhamnogalacturonase WO 92/19728Baagsverd, Denmark synthesisExpression system to produce rhamnogalacturonase, derivedfrom Aspergillus species, to degrade or modify plant cell walls.

Ohio University Bovine growth WO 92/19736Athens, Ohio stimulationGrowth inhibitory antagonists of bovine growth hormone, forexogenous growth-stimulating therapy,or to create transgenicanimals.

Pasteur Institute Anthrax vaccine WO 92/19720Paris antibodiesRecombinant strain of Bacillus anthracis induces production ofprotective antibodies against virulent strains in human oranimal host.

Pasteur Sanofi Diagnost. Heterobifunctional EPO 512 905Marnes La Coquette, Fr. antibodiesAntibody molecules combining antigen target specificity withintrinsic catalytic activity, for diagnosis, therapy.

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