PDL DEVELOPS HUMANIZED ANTIBODIESProtein Design Labs Inc. (NASDAQ:PDLI) of Mountain View,Calif., announced Wednesday at the Robertson Stephens & Co.conference in New York that it has developed humanizedantibodies to two adhesion molecules: integrin and selectin. Thecompany claimed that its humanized antibodies haveapproximately the same biological activity and binding affinityas the mouse antibodies from which they were derived.

Gregory Lawless, president and chief executive officer ofCygnus Therapeutic Systems (NASDAQ:CYGN) of Redwood City,Calif., announced that the company will file for U.S. regulatoryapproval of its Estradiol and Fentanyl products in late 1993.Lawless also said that he sees a "slight loss" in 1993 earnings,but "we will be profitable in '94."

Estradiol is a transdermal patch used for treating menopauseand osteoporosis; Fentanyl is an analgesic for pain relieffollowing surgery

Martin Cleary, chief financial officer of Cytogen Corp.(NASDAQ:CYTO) of Princeton, N.J., told investors at theconference that the company expects to file a product licenseapplication (PLA) with FDA for its prostate cancer imagingproduct by mid-1993.

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