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Ag. & Food Res. Lysins from GB 2 255 561Council, Norwich, U.K. phagesBacteriophages of food-contaminating bacteria, e.g., Listeria andClostridium, or their lysins, are used to kill such bacteria.(Published Nov. 11.)

AKZO NV, Arnhem, Marek's disease EPO 513 921Netherlands vaccineNucleic acid sequence encoding a Marek's Disease Virus proteinfor immunization of poultry.

American Cyanamid Co. Stable vectors EPO 512 260Stamford, Conn. in bacterial hostsStable vectors selected by complementation of chromosomalmutants of purA gene, obviating use of antibiotic resistancegenes.

Amgen Inc. Cholera toxin WO 92/19265Thousand Oaks, Calif. subunitsGenetically engineered subunit modification results inimmunogenic products, free of harmful enzymatic activity.

Amgen, Inc. Pertussis toxin WO 92/19757Thousand Oaks, Calif. oligomersGenetically engineered B oligomer-like pertussis toxin proteinsfor a vaccine, by expressing individual cistronic subunitelements.

Arizona, Univ. of Polyol-producing WO 92/19731Tucson, Ariz. plantsTransgenic plants express a bacterial mannitol dehydrogenase,converting its native fructose to heterologous mannitol.

Baylor College of Med. Glutamate/ WO 92/19717Houston, Texas aspartate uptakeHuman neurotumor cell line having specific high-affinityglutamate/aspartate transport system, and clonal derivationcell line.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Solid-phase DNA EPO 512 767&768Franklin Lakes, N.J. purificationPurifying DNA "from any source in any form@with greaterrecovery amounts," using water-soluble organic solvents.

Behringwerke AS Plasmin- EPO 513 565Marburg, Germany antiplasmin complexPreparation and diagnostic use of monoclonal antibodies ortheir fragments against the plasmin-antiplasmin complex.

Biotech. Res. Inst. Pertussis toxin WO 92/19750Braunschweig, Germany operonHybrid transposon with a pertussis toxin operon, associatedplasmids, bacterial host strains.

Boston University Neutrophil WO 92/19723Boston receptor ligandsMethod of determining whether a ligand is capable of bindingto a neutrophil receptor, using hybrid DNA clone.

Cell GeneSys Inc. Target gene WO 92/19255Foster City, Calif. amplificationExpression of target mammalian genes in multiple copies, byemploying chromosomal target DNA, and homologousrecombination.

Chiron Corp. Hepatitis C WO 92/19743Emeryville, Calif. sequencesNucleic acid, peptide and antibody compositions relating togenotypes of hepatitis C virus, for diagnosis, therapy.

Chugai Seiyaku KK IL-6 receptor WO 92/19759Tokyo antibodyReconstituted human-mouse antibody against interleukin-6receptor, with low antigenicity of complementarity-determining region.

Ciba-Geigy Anti-Bt-toxin EPO 513 849Basel, Switzerland cornTransgenic Zea mays plants regenerated from embryogenic cellor callus cultures, with genes encoding Bt toxin-like proteins.

CNRS (Nat'l. Sci. Thyroidal WO 92/19733Res. Ctr.), Paris receptor proteinA protein having N-Acetylglucosamine thyroid receptoractivity; receptor antibodies; use in thyroid disease diagnostictests.

CSL Ltd., Parksville Immunological WO 92/19746Australia castrationVaccine for immunological castration of animals comprisesrecombinant sequences corresponding to luteinizing hormonereleasing hormone.

Dainippon Pharm. Monocyte chemo- WO 92/19737Osaka, Japan tactic factorProcess for constructing expression vector for recombinantmonocyte chemotactic factor, cloned in E. coli host.

Fujikura Kasei Co. Parainfluenza EPO 513 371Tokyo virus geneGene encoding human parainfluenza virus fusion protein,obtained from infected cells; antibody for diagnosis, andvaccine.

Genencor International Enzymes from WO 92/19721S. San Fran., Calif. BacilliGenes, vectors, and Bacilli transformed from them, used inhyperproduction of enzymes.

Genentech Glycoprotein WO 92/19735S. San Fran., Calif. selectin ligandNucleic acids encoding selectin ligands; their use in treatingexcessive binding of circulating leukocytes to endothelial cells.

GenSet Sense/antisense WO 92/19732Paris nucleotidesCircular rather than linear sense/antisense oligonucleotides,having no free ends, resist exonuclease degradation.

Imperial Chem. Inds. Anti-glyphosate WO 92/19719London bacteriaStrains of Alcaligenes and Pseudomonas species degradeglyphosate herbicide, "may be used in producing herbicide-resistant plants."

ICI Polyhydroxyal- WO 92/19747London kanoate polymerA plant, preferably oil-producing, has a recombinant genome,with genes critical to specifying the polymer pathway.

Idemitsu Kosan Co. Anti-cathepsin WO 92/19756Tokyo monoclonalA monoclonal antibody reacting specifically with humanprocathepsin I, for treating diseases due to this cell-digestingenzyme.

Japan Tobacco Inc. Disarming Pseudo- EPO 512 120Tokyo monadsA cloned nonpathogenic mutant of Pseudomonas solanacearumcan render pathogenic species non-pathogenic and nontoxic.

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