Genset of Paris said it has raised $7 million in a new round offinancing. The investors included Burr Egan Deleage & Co., a SanFrancisco-based venture capital firm; S.R. One Ltd., the fundcreated by SmithKline Beecham; and SoFinnova Inc., a Frenchventure capital firm.

Genset is developing synthetic nucleotides, both RNA and DNA,for use as research, diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Fortherapeutics, the company is developing antisense, anti-viralagents. Its antisense compounds are patented circularphosphodiester oligonucleotides resistant to cellular nucleasesand targeted to herpes simplex virus 1. Genset is alsodeveloping ribozymes targeted against hepatitis B virus.

Genset also makes catalog and custom oligonucleotides. InNovember 1990 the company signed a $2.5 million salescontract for custom nucleotides for the human genome projectin France. Genset can now make 300 nucleotides daily, andgram quantities of synthetic DNA for clients.

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