Liposome Technology Inc. announced that it is now producingcommercial-scale batches of Amphocil for use in its Phase IIIclinical trials.

Amphocil, a lipid-complexed amphotericin B formulation, isbeing tested in patients for its ability to treat life-threateningsystemic fungal infections.

"The timing of commercial-scale production is crucial forinitiating a planned pivotal Phase III clinical trial, forconducting product stability studies and for expediting thetimely filing of FDA submissions," according to the Menlo Park,Calif., company (NASDAQ:LTIZ).

Liposome Technology also reported that it has started named-patient sales of Amphocil in certain European countries, apractice that is often allowed prior to formal product approvalat the specific request of an attending physician. -- JenniferVan Brunt

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