Scios Nova Inc. elected Richard L. Casey chairman of its boardof directors. Casey, who is president and chief executive officerof the Mountain View, Calif., company, succeeds John W.Cullingan, who is retiring from the board.

Richard Mamelok was named vice president and medicaldirector at Liposome Technology Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif.Mamelok was senior director, pharmacodynamic research atAlza Corp.

Peter Hylands was named vice president and chief scientist ofthe Phytopharmaceuticals Inc. subsidiary of Escagenetics Corp.of San Carlos, Calif. Hylands was director of natural productschemistry at Xenova Ltd.

Roger New was appointed director of research for the oralpeptide and protein delivery program at Cortecs Ltd. ofMiddlesex, England. New received his Ph.D. in immunologyfrom St. Mary's Hospital London.

David Walsh has been named executive director of chemistry atBioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Birmingham, Ala. Walsh wasgroup manager of the chemistry research department of A.H.Robins Pharmaceutical Co.

Bernard Mesure has been appointed to the board of directors ofGensia Europe Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of GensiaPharmaceuticals Inc. of San Diego. Mesure is president of theSyndicat National de L'Industrie Pharmaceutique, president ofSmithKline Beecham Pharmacie Sante, and vice president anddirector of government and public affairs for SmithKlineBeecham.

Thomas Lewis was named president and chief executive officerof Chiral Technologies Inc. of Exton, Pa. Lewis was vicepresident and general manager of Celgene Corp.

Philip A. Peterson was named marketing development managerat Liposome Technology Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif. He was amarketing development analyst for Genentech Inc.

Genetics Institute Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., named Lawrence V.Stein general counsel and senior vice president. Stein is apartner with the law firm Arnold and Porter of Washington,D.C.

Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. of La Jolla, Calif., named AntonioGrillo-Lopez vice president of medical and regulatory affairs.Grillo-Lopez was executive medical director for internationalclinical research and development at Du Pont MerckPharmaceutical Company.

Interneuron Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Lexington, Mass.,appointed Elizabeth Tallett president and chief executiveofficer of its majority-owned subsidiary, Transcell TechnologiesInc. Tallett was president of Centocor Pharmaceuticals.

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