Osteotech Inc. announced Monday that it has received a patenton artificial skin made from the Shrewsbury, N.J., company'sPolyactive polymer.

Osteotech's subsidiary, HC Implants of Leiden, the Netherlands,developed the resorbable polymer with the University ofLeiden's Biomaterials Research Group.

"Osteotech will concentrate on musculoskeletal applications forPolyactive while seeking corporate partnerships for otherunique surgical applications," said Patrick McBrayer,Osteotech's president and chief executive officer. These mayinclude "products with bone-bonding capability for orthopedicapplication, as well as anti-adhesion sheets for use in spinal,general surgical procedures, dental membranes and an artificialtympanic membrane for the middle ear," according to DirkjanBakker, director of research and development at HC Implants.

Osteotech (NASDAQ:OSTE) processes human bone and boneconnective tissue for transplantation and develops biologic andbiomaterial products for musculoskeletal surgery.

The company's stock closed unchanged on Monday at $7.25. --Jennifer Van Brunt

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