Oxford GlycoSystems (OGS) said today that it has developed arevolutionary method to systematically sequence oligosaccaridemolecular structures, known as carbohydrates.

OGS's GlycoMap 1000, (Map is an acronym for measurement,analysis and preparation) is a chromatographic-based systemthat separates and purifies carbohydrates from glycoproteins.It uses an array of enzymes in mathematically determinedmixes and relies on software algorithms able to rapidly carryout sequencing procedures, providing increased reliability andpredictability over existing methods, such as ion-exchangechromatography.

"Until now there has been no easy means to determine thestructure of oligosaccarides, one of the major classes ofmolecules," said Dale Pfost, OGS's president and chief executiveofficer. Pfost added that the entire field of biology revolvesaround identifying the connection between the structure ofmolecules and their function.

According to the Oxford, England, company, the ability toscientifically explore carbohydrates will accelerate researchinto diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS and cancer.

GlycoMap is the company's second in a series of instruments itis developing dedicated to carbohydrate applications. OGS hasexclusive rights from Oxford University to the technologyemployed in its instruments, and patents on this technology arepending in several countries.

-- Michelle Slade Associate Editor

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