Published Sept. 30-Oct. 7 (EPO) and Oct. 1 (WO )

BioWorldLs weekly European patent preview lists inalphabetical order by assignee, and briefly summarizes, allsalient biotechnology patent applications as they are madepublic in Europe.

European patent offices publish full texts of patent applicationsworldwide within six months of their filing, and months toyears before the corresponding U.S. patent issues.

Two organizations, with Great Britain (GB), comprise theEuropean system:

-- The European Patent Office (EPO) covers the dozen membercountries of the European Economic Community.

-- The World Intellectual Property Organization (WO) serves alarger number of countries around the world.

Bayer AG Equine herpes EPO 507 179Leverkusen, Germany virus vaccineForeign DNA elements inserted in equine herpes virus (EHV)gene sequence to produce vaccines against EHV infection.

Berlex Laboratories Bombesin-like WO 92/16623Cedar Knolls, N.J. receptorsGenes encoding bombesin-like peptides; diagnostic, therapeuticuses for these gastrointestinal hormones.

Chugai Pharm. Co. Detecting hepatitis EPO 506 977Kagoshima, Japan C genecDNA probe detects blood-transmissible non-A non-B hepatitisspecific gene.

Du Pont Merck Pharm. Plasminogen-activator WO 92/16625Co, Wilmington, Del. inhibitor-1Separating active from inactive/latent plasminogen activator-1;its extraction from E-coli host cells.

DuPont de Nemours Identifying a WO 92/16657Wilmington, Del. specific nucleotideOligonucleotide probe identifies a nucleotide at a defined pointon a nucleic acid sequence.

Elf Sanofi DNA encoding WO 92/16632Paris b-1,3 glucanaseRecombinant DNA encodes protein having b-1,3 glucanaseactivity of soya.

Five PrimeGThree Prime Transferring DNA WO 92/16638Inc., Boulder, Colo. to human cellsTransduction vehicles designed to transfer genes tomammalian, especially human cells, mimic viral capsid protein..Gist-Brocades, NV Acetyl xylan EPO 507 369Delft, The Netherlands esterasesExpression of a fungal acetyl xylan esterase gene in microbialhosts, for use as accessory enzyme in degrading acetylatedxylans.

Idec Pharmaceutical Melanoma- WO 92/16646Corp. La Jolla, Calif., specific antibodyAnti-idiotypic antibody specific to melanoma-associatedproteoglycan antigen, for diagnosis, monitoring, treatment oftumors.

Immunology Ltd. Human papilloma WO 92/16636Cambridge, UK virus vectorRecombinant virus expression vector, designed typically asimmunotherapeutic or vaccine against cervical cancer.

Imperial Chem. Ind. Gene expression WO 92/16635(ICI), London in plantsDNA construct for inserting alien genes into plant cells;Ethylene-stimulated transgenic plants express foreign protein

Imutran, Ltd. Peritoneal protein WO 92/16645London productionMethod for in vivo culturing of hybridomas, or other immortalproteins, in peritoneal cavity of larger animals than currently-used mice.

Johns Hopkins U. Colorectal tumor- WO 92/16656Baltimore suppressing geneMCC, "a new human gene," expressed in most normal cells, isputative tumor-suppresser. Its mutations are observed incolorectal cancers.

Morinaga & Co. Antigen-specific GB 2 254 326Tokyo monoclonalsMonoclonal antibodies produced by cultivating lymphocyteswith insoluble antigen in medium containing defined adjuvantand lymphokines.

Novo Nordisk A/S Chymosin, heme WO 92/16633&4Bagsvaaerd, Denmark productionProduction of heterologous chymosin (633) or heme proteins(634) in filamentous fungi transformed by DNA encodingprecursor molecule

Omnigene, Inc. Mutant protease WO 92/16642Cambridge, Mass. III geneBacillus cell containing a mutation in residual protease III generesults in inhibition of production by cell of proteolyticallyactive protein.

Salk Institute Finding chromosomal WO 92/16662La Jolla, Calif. aberrationsExistence and location of chromosomal aberrations identifiedby hybridizing intact chromosomal DNA with clones of DNAfrom same species.

Sandoz Ltd. Anti-endotoxemia WO 92/16624Basel, Switzerland monoclonalChimeric monoclonal antibody cross-protective againstendotoxemia caused by at least two Gram-negative bacterialstrains.

United States Flu proteins WO 92/16619Springfield, Va. in baculovirusNucleoprotein genes of influenza A and B viruses, expressed inSpodoptera frugiperda cells, via baculovirus vector, forserodiagnosis.

Viagene Inc. Detection of viral GB 2 254 424San Diego gene sequencesIndicator cell comprises genome coding for marker gene andcontrol sequences, to test for virus carrying gene of interest.

Wayne State U. Detecting DNA EPO 505 605Detroit overlapsProbes to detect overlaps among cloned DNA molecules employlabeled low-frequency repetitive sequences, including DNAfrom same genomic location.

Wellcome Found. Insect control WO 92/16637London agentsA recombinant baculovirus expresses and secretes aninsecticidal toxin in transformed insect cells.

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