Oxford GlycoSystems Ltd. (OGS) announced Monday that it hasdeveloped a new method to systematically sequenceoligosaccharide molecular structures, commonly known ascomplex carbohydrates.

The technology uses an array of enzymes in mathematicallydetermined mixes and relies on software algorithms to carryout the sequencing procedure. It will provide researchers ofmolecular structures with a method to rapidly complete suchprocedures.

According to Dale Pfost, president and chief executive officer ofOGS, the entire field of biology revolves around identifying theconnection between the structure of molecules and theirfunction.

"Until now there has been no easy means to determine thestructure of oligosaccharides, one of the major classes ofmolecules," he said.

OGS said it plans to introduce a third instrument within a yearthat uses its new sequencing method, completing a set ofinstruments developed by the company to researcholigosaccharide molecules that are giving insights into diseasessuch as arthritis, asthma and AIDS.

OGS of Oxford, England, has exclusive rights from OxfordUniversity to the technology. Patents are pending in severalcountries. Privately held OGS is a leading supplier ofglycobiology-related research products for life science research.

-- Michelle Slade Associate Editor

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