Glycomed Inc. of Alameda, Calif., announced Monday that it hasagreed in principle with Alza Corp. (NYSE:AZA) to jointlydevelop implantable, controlled-release products fordelivering drugs to heart surgery patients.

The initial therapeutic products, said Alan R. Timms,Glycomed's (NASDAQ:GLYC) president and chief executiveofficer, will incorporate carbohydrate-based compounds thatcompany scientists have made by chemically modifyingheparin. One has anti-thrombotic properties, and the other isanti-restenotic. The delivery system, a polymeric "patch"impregnated with the drug, can be stitched to the outside of ablood vessel following surgery.

"The device will unload drug over time and then it willdegrade," said Timms. He added that Palo Alto, Calif.-basedAlza, which has experience with polymeric systems and drugrelease from polymers, is the "best group to handle thetechnical problems our device presented."

-- Jennifer Van Brunt BioWorld Staff

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