Imutec Corp. of Toronto said Wednesday it observed no toxicside effects from the 570 injections of Virulizin in 22pancreatic cancer patients in its Phase II safety and efficacystudies in Canada and Mexico.

The company has proposed the drug as an alternative tochemotherapy and therapeutic radiation.

Imutec said that in the 17 patients studied for efficacy,Virulizin extended the normal three-to-six-month mediansurvival rate from diagnosis to between eight and 27 months.Tests showed that the product inhibits the growth of mousehybridoma (cancerous) cells and stimulates the growth ofcertain normal cells under "stress conditions" associated withthe disease.

Recent tests have also shown, the company said, that Virulizindoes not stimulate the production of common cytokines such asInterleukin-B.

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