TPI Inc. of Lodi, N.J., will market Meridian Diagnostics Inc.'sproducts in mainland China -- "one of the largest potentialmedical marketplaces on the globe," said Jerry RuyanMeridian's chief executive officer.

Meridian (NASDAQ:KITS) of Cincinnati develops, manufacturesand markets a variety of immunodiagnostic test kits --including tests for infectious human diseases -- and purifiedimmunoreagents. Meridian's products require little to nospecial instrumentation and can be used by hospitals,commercial and reference labs and doctors' offices. TPI, whichalso has offices in Beijing and Xiaman, China, has alreadydetermined that there are significant markets in China forMeridian's FiltraCheck UTI (for urinary tract infections) andImmunoCard.(for infectious diseases). Both products are rapidcolorimetric assays that can be done in a physician's office orclinic.

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