T Cell Diagnostics, a subsidiary of T Cell Sciences Inc. ofCambridge, Mass., has signed an agreement with YamanouchiPharmaceutical Co. Ltd. to market the subsidiary's in vitrodiagnostic/monitoring product candidates in Japan and Taiwan.

The products are designed to count specific white blood celltypes. Cell counting provides clinicians with importantinformation on the immune status of patients with infectiousdiseases, cancer and immune-related disorders.

Under the agreement announced by T Cell Sciences,Yamanouchi will receive exclusive marketing rights in Japanand Taiwan, where it will conduct clinical trials and seekregulatory approvals. T Cell Diagnostics will manufacture theproducts and receive development fees.

The lead product candidate, TRAx CD4 Test Kit, will beginclinical trials in the near future. T Cell Diagnostics is in the latestages of clinical trials with TRAx CD4 in the U.S. White bloodcells expressing a protein receptor called CD4 are commonlymonitored in HIV-infected and AIDS patients.

The company estimated that the worldwide market for CD4 cellcounting exceeds $100 million.

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