AgriDyne of Salt Lake City signed a five-year agreement withO.M. Scott & Sons Co. to develop and market its Turplexbioinsecticide.

The agreement gives Scotts exclusive rights to market Turplexto the U.S. golf course and professional turf markets. AgriDyneretains the rights to market the product internationally and toa group of national lawn service companies.

Turplex has proved to be effective against turf-damaging,surface-feeding insects such as cutworms, armyworms andsod webworms. Agridyne estimates the U.S. turf and lawnmarket for Turplex, which it calls an environmentally friendlyinsecticide, at $35 million. The product will be launchedcommercially in 1993.

Its active ingredient is azadirachtin, a compound extractedfrom the seed of the tropical Neem tree, which has long beenrecognized for its insecticidal properties.

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