BioWorld Today publishes a weekly listing of European patentfilings. European patent offices publish full texts of patentapplications worldwide within six months of their filing, andmonths to years before the corresponding U.S. patent issues.

Two patent organizations comprise the European system:

-- The European Patent Office (EPO) covers the dozen membercountries of the European Economic Community.

-- The World Intellectual Property Organization (WO) serves alarger number of countries around the world.

BioWorldLs European patent preview lists in alphabetical orderby assignee and briefly summarizes all salient biotechnologypatent applications as they are made public in Europe.

European Patent FilingsPublished Aug. 19-26,1992

Abbott Laboratories Monoclonals to WO 92/13892Abbott Park, Ill. HCV EnvelopeMonoclonal antibodies that bind specifically to putativeHepatitis C Virus envelope region; hibridoma cell lines.

Abbott Laboratories Novel Bacillus WO 92/13941Abbott Park, Ill. thuringiensis IsolatesBacterial isolates with enhanced toxicity to major andsecondary insect pests; DNA probes to identify these isolates.

American Cyanamid Co Plasmids for EPO 499 292Stamford, Conn. MicromonosporaPlasmids for new mutant strain of Micromonosporaechinospora ssp. calichensis, which produces complementingfactor.

Baylor Coll. of Medicine Short Tandem WO 92/13969Houston, Texas DNA RepeatsDNA assay for detecting polymorphisms; typing with shorttandem repeat polymorphisms.

Becton Dickinson & Co. Exonuclease EPO 500 224Franklin Lakes, N.J. Strand AmplificationNucleic acid target amplification method, at a singletemperature, using polymerase combined with an exonucleaseto digest primer.

Behringwerke A.S. tRNA Suppressor EPO 499 059Marburg, Germany Systemnvention describes an adjustable eukaryotic suppressor-tRNAgene transcription system, its stable integration into eukaryoticcells.

Behringwerke A.S. Malarial Blood- EPO 499 834Marburg, Germany Stage AntigenDNA sequence encoding a blood-stage glycoprotein fromPlasmodium falciparum, for use in a vaccine against malaria.

Boehringer Mannheim Anti-Islet-Cell EPO 499 176Mannheim, Germany MonoclonalsHuman IgG monoclonal antibodies against pancreatic isletcells,from immortalized lymphocytes of diabetic patients.

Boehringer Mannheim Recombinant EPO 500 108Mannheim, Germany Protein ActivationImproved activation of recombinant proteins, existing in aminimally inactive form, by solubilizing or/and renaturingtechniques.

California, Univ. of Chromosome-Specific EPO 500 290Berkeley, Calif. StainingHigh-complexity nucleic acid probes stain chromosomes 3, 13and/or 17 to detect pathological genetic rearrangements.

California, Univ. of Platelet-Derived WO 92/13870Berkeley, Calif. GF ReceptorsDNA sequences encoding hPDGF-R receptor, which can besecreted or incorporated in mammalian cell membrane.

Coulter Corp. Monoclonal to WO 92/13891Hialeah, Fla. T Cell ReceptorsAnti-T cell gamma-chain monoclonal, useful for diagnosis andtreatment of autoimmune and viral diseases, carcinomas.

Hoffmann-La Roche AG Anti-IgE Receptor EPO 499 112Basel, Switzerland MonoclonalsMonoclonal antibody or fragment that can bind to epitope(s) ofhuman Fc IgE receptor alpha subunit.

Hyman, Edward D. Closed Circular WO 92/13963River Ridge, La. DNAFive-step enzymatic procedure to recover plasmid DNA fromcells or organelles of microorganisms, such as E. coli.

Immuno Japan Non-A, Non-B EPO 500 236Tokyo Hepatitis ReagentsNon-A, non-B viral oligopeptide spGORb-epi as antigen,antibodies derived from it, for disease detection, immunizationof animals.

Immunotech S.A. Cloned T Cell EPO 499 555Marseille, France Antigen ReceptorChimeric DNA sequence coding for chain of T cell antigenreceptor, antibodies obtained, pharmaceutical productsproduced.

Lifecodes Corp. Molecular Genetic WO 92/13971Valhalla, N.Y. IdentificationPolynucleotide sequences and cloned DNA fragments forvisualizing DNA polymorphism, other genetic analyses.

Max-Planck Institute Monolocus-Specific WO 92/13968 Gottingen, Germany ProbesHypervariable probes that can hybridize with a eukaryoticchromosomal DNA sequence, for detection of specific single-copy loci.

Plant Genetic Systems Stamen-Specific WO 92/13956-7Brussels, Belgium Rice and Corn PromotersRice and corn anther-specific promoters useful to producetransgenic male-sterile monocots; plants to restore fertility.

Progenics Pharm. CD4 Chimeras WO 92/13559Tarrytown, N.Y.Expression vector encoding a CD4-gamma1 chimeric heavy-chain homodimer, heterotetramer and light-chainheterotetramer.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. Medically Important WO 92/13972Philadelphia, Pa. Cloned ProductsScreening for potentially useful medical compounds bygenetically modifying microorganisms in selective media.

Vermont, Univ. of Recombinant WO 92/13550Burlington, Vt. TransferrinsRecombinant transferrins with altered metal-bindingproperties, expressed in eukaryotic host cells, for chelationtherapy.

Washington Univ. Pathogenic Neisseria WO 92/13871St. Louis, Mo. ProteinsPolypeptides, polynucleotides for diagnosis, passiveimmunization, vaccines against pathogenic Neisseria.

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