Dura Pharmaceuticals announced Tuesday it has launchedTornalate Inhalation Solution .02 percent (bitolterol mesylate),its first patented pharmaceutical product.

Tornalate is indicated primarily for the treatment andprophylaxis of asthma. Dura's line of nebulizers can deliversolutions such as Tornalate to the lung. The company estimatesthat the Tornalate products give it access to a market withsales of almost $600 million in 1991 and will more than doublethe size of the markets served by Dura's products.

Tornalate opens the airways in the lung for six hours or morein most patients and for eight hours in 40 percent of them.

Dura of San Diego (NASDAQ: DURA) holds worldwide marketingrights, excluding in Italy, for Tornalate Inhalation Solution.Sterling Winthrop Inc. developed Tornalate, then licensed thedrug in solution form to Dura in October 1991.

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