Clinical scientists at the annual meeting of the EuropeanAssociation for the study of diabetes in Prague report thatType I diabetics do not secrete enough amylin, a newlydiscovered pancreatic hormone, and that this deficiencyincreases their risk of developing insulin-inducedhypoglycemia.

Andrew Young and Christopher Moyses of AmylinPharmaceuticals of San Diego made their report at a company-sponsored workship entitled "Amylin: Biological Activity andTherapeutic Potential,"

Amylin Pharmaceuticals believes that amylin plays a majorrole in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and thatamylin discoveries will lead to diabetes treatments.

Young and Moyses said they have started clinical trials withNormylin, the amylin analogue AC137, designed to reduce theincidence and severity of hypoglycemia. They said they intendto start Phase II studies of Normylin next year.

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