Published Aug. 5 to 26,1992.

Biogen Inc. Improved ThrombinCambridge, Mass. InhibitorsSynthesis of biologically active molecules that bind and inhibitthrombin, for therapy, prophylaxis, diagnosis.

Ecogen Inc. Novel Bt Strain WO 92/13954Langhorne, Pa. Targets BeetlesBacillus thuringiensis strain isolate attacks coleopterans, forexample, Colorado potato beetle, Diabrotica, e.g., corn rootworm.

Genelabs Inc. AIDS Virus Antigens WO 92/13946Redwood City, Calif.Peptide antigens derived from HTLV-I and HTLV-II gpenvelope protein, for diagnosis, screening, vaccines.

Genetics Inst. Inc. Protein Fusions to WO 92/13955Cambridge, Mass. ThioredoxinDNA sequence encoding thioredoxin-like protein fused tosequence encoding of desired heterologous peptide or protein.

Georg-Speyer-Haus. Fibroblast Growth WO 92/13948Frankfurt/Main, Germany Factor ReceptorNew member of FGF receptor family; process for protectingtyrosine kinase gene by polymerase chain reaction.

Guelph, Univ. of Mastitis Pathogen WO 92/13078Guelph, Ontario Protease GeneDNA sequence encoding a glycoprotease which cleaves O-glycoproteins isolated from Pasteurella haemolytica microbe.

Innogenetics S.A. Peptides to EPO 499 003Ghent, Belgium Diagnose TuberculosisRecombinant peptides, polypeptides, and nucleic acidsequences encoding them, for tuberculosis tests, vaccines.

Joslin Diabetes Center Gene for Insulin WO 92/13083Boston Receptor Substrate-1Nucleic acid encoding Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 (IRS-1), fordiagnosis, therapy, evaluating metabolism.

Mass. General Hospital Trans-splicing WO 92/13089Boston Ribozymes Ablate CellsRibozymes capable of self-catalysis, trans-splicing, used todeliver a toxic product to a precisely targeted host cell.

Mycogen Corp. Coleopteran-active EPO 500 311San Diego Bt ToxinBacillus thuringiensis isolates against corn rootworm larvae,alfalfa weevil. Genes transferable to other host organisms.

Novo Nordisk A.S. DNA to Degrade WO 92/13945Bagsvaerd, Denmark Plant Cell WallsSequence, vector, transformed host to express a galactanasefromAspergillus aculeatus f or degrading plant cell walls.

Progenics Pharm. CD4 Chimeras WO 92/13947Tarrytown, N.Y.Expression vector encoding a CD4-gamma2 heavy chainhomodimer, CD4-IgG2 light and heavy chain heterotetramers.

Pub. Health Res. Inst. AIDS GAG Antigens, WO 92/12730New York AntibodiesHIV-infected cell surface glycoprotein contains GAG amino-acid sequences. Monoclonals also isolated.

Roussel-Uclaf T-Lymphocyte WO 92/13949Paris Receptor chainsDNA sequences encoding variable chain regions in human Tlymphocyte receptors; diagnostic, therapeutic applications.

Roussel-Uclaf T-Lymphocyte WO 92/13950Paris Receptor a chainsDNA sequences encoding variable a chain regions in human Tlymphocyte receptors; diagnostic, therapeutic applications.

Salk Institute Human Serum WO 92/13951La Jolla, Calif. Albumin in Yeast HostHuman serum albumin expressed in transformedmethylotrophic yeast cells, secreted into the culture medium.

Sclavo S.p.A. Chlamydia plasmids, EPO 499 681Siena, Italy genes, proteinsGenes in plasmid isolated from Chlamydia trachomatis encodeproteins useful in formulating diagnostics, vaccines.

SPB Technologies, Recalcitrant PCB WO 92/13953Stone Mt., Ga. CompoundsGenes isolated from novel native microbes encode enzymescapable of degrading recalcitrant PCB compounds.

Sumitomo Chem. Co. Gene for Asymmetric EPO 497 103Osaka, Japan EsteraseEsterase that asymmetrically hydrolyses chrysanthemumic acidester yields commercially useful intermediate.

Takeda Chemical Ind. Producing human EPO 499 993Osaka, Japan nerve growth factor-2 nerve growthfactor-2 into medium stably and in quantity.

Takeda Chemical Ind. Producing cysteine- EPO 499 990Osaka, Japan free peptidesA cysteine-plus protein fused at its N-terminal to a cysteine-minus one is expressed, and the peptide linkage cleaved.

Washington, Univ. of Microsomal WO 92/13080Seattle endopeptidasesRecombinant endopeptidases cleave proteins C-terminal to abasic amino acid residue, fusion proteins in vitro.

-- Compiled by David N. Leff

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