Seragen Inc. of Hopkinton, Mass., named Jean C. Nichols seniorvice president, Leonard F. Estis vice president for research anddevelopment, and Thasia G. Woodworth vice president forclinical affairs. Nichols was vice president for development atSeragen, Estis was director of process development andformulation, and Woodworth was director for clinical andregulatory affairs.

Adeza Biomedical Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif., named Daniel Wildschief executive officer. He was president of Medisense.

John Bacich Jr. was named president of The Hyland Division ofBaxter Healthcare Corp. in Glendale, Calif. He was Hyland's vicepresident and general manager of operations.

Shannon R. Kennedy was named president of AmericanBiodyne Inc. of South San Francisco, Calif. She was chiefoperating officer.

Telor Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Woburn, Mass.,named Frederick H. Garber to the new position of vicepresident of marketing. He was senior product manager atAlcon Laboratories.

Somatix Therapy Corp. of Alameda, Calif., named KrzysztofBankiewicz head of its preclinical studies section. He was in thesurgical neurology branch of the National Institutes of Health.Somatix also named Antonius Berns to the new position ofexecutive vice president of research and development. Heheads the division of molecular genetics at The NetherlandsCancer Institute.

Enzon Inc. of South Plainfield, N.J., named Edward Ehrenbergexecutive vice president of business operations. He was aprincipal of E. E. Enterprises, an investment and consultingcompany.

Synergen Inc. of Boulder, Colo., named James L. Redenbargervice president of operations, Sharon Tetlow treasurer, andBarbara Dau Hoffman director of business development.Redenbarger was director of operations, Tetlow was treasurymanager at Genentech Inc., and Hoffman was portfolio managerat Invesco Trust Co.

EcoScience Corp. of Worcester, Mass., named Walter T. Reedvice president of product development and Robert K. Dimmittvice president of manufacturing technology and engineering.Reed was global product development manager at Du PontAgricultural Products. Dimmitt was a consultant to EcoScienceon production planning and engineering.

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