Two former heads of banking and computer powerhouses --Walter Wriston of Citicorp and Frank T. Cary of IBM -- havefound a home on the board of Cygnus Therapeutic Systems Inc.,a developer of transdermal drug-delivery systems.

Cygnus (NASDAQ:CYGN) said in a statement released Thursdaythat Wriston brings the Redwood City, Calif., company "a uniqueperspective of business strategy" through his interactions withsuccessful companies and knowledge of global financialmarkets. He also authored a book that at least sounds like itmight be apt for biotechnology, "Risk and Other Four-LetterWords."

Cary offers Cygnus "a breadth of operating experience whichwill be invaluable" as the company evolves from an researchand development stage to becoming a fully integrated business,Cygnus said.

Among their many corporate directorships, the two formerchairman of their respective companies both serve on oneother board, Icos Corp. of Seattle. Their other biotechnologyconnections include board memberships at BioResearchLaboratories Ltd. for Wriston, and Celgene Corp. and DNA PlantTechnologies Inc. for Cary.

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