Pharmaceutical Proteins Ltd. (PPL) of Edinburgh, Scotland, saidit signed a long-term collaboration with the Wyeth-AyerstDivision of American Home Products Corp. to produce humanproteins from the milk of transgenic animals.

PPL will bring its transgenic technology to the collaboration,which is intended to focus on products that address themetabolic, geriatric and pediatric markets, according to ajointly released statement. No details of the agreement weredisclosed.

Wyeth-Ayerst has existing products for female health care, fortreating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and centralnervous and anti-inflammatory vaccines.

Founded in 1987, PPL recently announced a collaboration withGermany's Bayer AG to develop PPL's lead compound, alpha-1-anti-trypsin (AAT), produced in the milk of transgenic animals.The product is intended to treat congenital AAT deficiency,which can lead to irreversible damage to lung tissues and evenemphysema. AAT is a protein that circulates in thebloodstream and inhibits the action of elastase, an enzymeinvolved in tissue renewal because it degrades proteins.

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