Enzon Inc and Emisphere Technologies Inc. agreed to evaluatethe potential of combining proteins modified through Enzon'sPegnology with Emisphere's oral drug delivery system (ODS).

The companies believe the combination should lead to drugsthat last longer in the bloodstream, are protected fromgastrointestinal acids and exhibit fewer allergic reactions.

"Harnessing the advantages of oral and protein deliverysystems opens doors to greater patient management optionsand will lead to significant new partnerships with majorpharmaceutical companies," said R. Douglas Hulse, Enzon's vicepresident of business development.

Enzon's Pegnology drug delivery technology reduces quantityand frequency of doses and lowers the allergic reactions ofproteins used as therapeutic agents, according to Enzon of theSouth Plainfield, N.J.

Emisphere of Hawthorne, N.Y., is developing its ODS to shieldtherapeutic agents by encapsulating them in microspherescomposed of amino acids. The microspheres are designed toprotect drugs from the harsh gastrointestinal tractenvironment.

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