Alza Corp. on Wednesday announced two new therapeuticsystems based on the company's proprietary osmotictechnology. Both are designed for controlled delivery ofproteins and peptides with one system for human and one forveterinary applications.

Speaking to the New York Society of Security Analysts' HealthCare Group, Jane E. Shaw, Alza's president and chief operatingofficer, said that products based on these therapeutic systemsare being developed under arrangements with pharmaceuticalcompany clients.

The first system, Chronset, is a controlled-release osmoticdosage form capable of delivering proteins and peptides orally,Shaw said. The second system, VITS, is a controlled-releaseosmotic veterinary implant for the delivery of proteins forseveral weeks.

The Palo Alto, Calif., company (ASE:AZA) also said its Nicodermtransdermal nicotine system, marketed by Marion Merrell Dow,has been approved in Canada.

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