DNA Plant Technology Corp. said Monday that it has received aU.S. patent for antifreeze proteins with specified propertiesrelated to the suppression of ice crystal growth.

The Cinnaminson, N.J., company said it is targeting three areasas applications of its antifreeze proteins to enhance the qualityof frozen foods: to preserve the qualities of fresh producethrough its freeze/thaw process, as an ingredient to preservethe creamy texture in frozen desserts, and to extend shelf lifeof frozen doughs. Antifreeze proteins work by binding to thesurface of seed ice crystals, inhibiting their growth.

The patent, No. 5,118,792, is the company's first patent relatingto the use of its use of antifreeze protein technology. U.S. andforeign patents covering antifreeze proteins and their use infood and plants, as well as yeast transformed to produceantifreeze proteins, are pending, according to the agriculturalbiotechnology company. The company's stock (NASDAQ:DNAP)was up 13 cents on Monday to $6.63.

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