Deprenyl U.S.A. Inc. announced Thursday the signing of aresearch agreement with Queen's University of Kingston,Ontario, to develop a non-surgical alternative to hysterectomyfor women with excessive uterine bleeding.

The therapy would use 5-Aminolevulinic Acid PhotodynamicTherapy. ALA PDT is a naturally occurring precursor toProtoporphyrin IX, a photosensitizer that in preclinical studieshas induced removal of the blood-producing lining of theuterus without causing significant damage to the myometriummuscle layer of the uterus. The compound did not show anyapparent toxicity at therapeutic treatment levels, according toDeprenyl (NASDAQ:DUSA).

The Somerville, N.J., company plans to start clinical trials inabout a year, according to Edward Foster, chief financial officer.Deprenyl USA is developing ALA PDT for treatment of skinconditions, including basal cell carcinomas, pre-cancerousactinic keratoses and psoriasis.

Deprenyl units gained 25 cents to $27.25. -- SU

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