John Byington, formerly a partner in the Washington, D.C., lawoffice of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, has been named presidentand chief operating officer of Synthecell Corp and its whollyowned subsidiary, Genetic MediSyn, both of Rockville, Md.Synthecell founder James Hawkins will continue as chairmanand chief executive. Privately held Synthecell manufacturescustom synthetic DNA and peptides. Genetic MediSyn is focusedon antisense technology.

Stephan A. Duzan, chairman and chief executive of Seattle-based Immunex Corp., has been elected chairman of theIndustrial Biotechnology Association. The IBA board alsonamed Roger Salquist, president and CEO of Calgene Inc., vicechairman for food and agriculture, a new IBA division.

L. Jeanie Faulkner has been named chief financial officer ofEcoScience Corp. of Worcester, Mass. Faulkner was vicepresident of marketing and corporate development for ImCloneSystems Inc. EcoScience (NASDAQ:ECSC) is engaged in thediscovery, development and commercialization of naturalbiopesticides utilizing naturally occurring microorganisms.

British Bio-technology of Oxford, England, named Peter Lewissenior director of research and development. Lewis was vicepresident of product development for Marion Merrell Dow.British Bio-technology is focused on selected targets in the fieldof vascular and inflammatory disease, cancer andimmunological disorders.

Epigen Inc. of Wellesley, Mass., has elected Soldano Ferrone toits scientific advisory board. Ferrone is a professor andchairman of the department of microbiology and immunology,and a professor in the departments of medicine and pathologyat New York Medical College in Valhalla. Epigen (NASDAQ:EPIG)is developing products for use in the monitoring, diagnosis andtreatment of cancer.

DNX Corp. of Princeton, N.J., has named Robert M. Winslow andHerman Waldmann to its scientific advisory board. Winslow isan adjunct professor in the department of medicine at theUniversity of California, San Diego. Waldmann is a professor oftherapeutic immunology at the University of Cambridge,England. DNX (NASDAQ:DNXX) researches and developstherapeutic products and biological testing services utilizingtransgenic animals.

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