Houston Biotechnology Inc. has named A. Douglas Peabodychairman. J. Russell Denson was named president, chiefexecutive officer and director. Peabody, who had been adirector, was recently named president and managing principalof Inco Venture Capital Management. Denson was a partner inThe Denson Publishing Group. Privately held HoustonBiotechnology is developing products for the prevention and/ortreatment of eye diseases and disorders.

Thomas R. Beck has been named chairman and chief executiveofficer of CytoMed Inc. of Cambridge, Mass. Beck had beenpresident of Enzytech Inc. CytoMed is a private companydeveloping treatments for disorders involving inflammationand the immune response.

John A. Kenward has been named chief operating officer ofRepligen Corp. of Cambridge, Mass. Kenward was a senior vicepresident at Schering-Plough Corp. Repligen (NASDAQ:RGEN)develops and manufactures products for cancer, AIDS,inflammation and cardiovascular conditions.

Lars-Eric Utterman has been named president of PharmaciaBiotech Europe of Brussels, Belgium, and Michael Woehler hasbeen named president of Pharmacia P-L Biochemicals ofMilwaukee. Utterman had been in charge of P-L Biochemicalsand was head of the Dutch Pharmacia organization. Woehlerwas executive vice president for Pharmacia Development Co.Pharmacia Biotech AB consists of three operating companiesand a number of marketing companies active within thebiotechnology supply sector.

Eugene Braunwald and David Haselkorn have been named toBio-Technology General Corp.'s board. Braunwald is chairman ofthe Department of Medicine and physician-in-chief at Brighamand Women's Hospital, Boston, and professor at the HarvardMedical School. Haselkorn is senior vice president and chiefoperating officer of the New York company (NASDAQ:BTGC).

Somatix Therapy Corp. of Alameda, Calif., has elected KarenDavis to its board. Davis is chairwoman of the Department ofHealth Policy and Management in the School of Hygiene andPublic Health and has a joint appointment as professor ofeconomics at Johns Hopkins University. Somatix(NASDAQ:SOMA) is a gene therapy company.

Univax Biologics of Rockville, Md., has elected RichardSchweiker to its board. Schweiker, a former U.S. senator andsecretary of Health and Human Services, is president of theAmerican Council of Life Insurance. Univax is developingimmunotherapeutic products.

Douglas Froom has been appointed vice president of businessdevelopment at Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Froom had beengeneral manager of U.K. operations for Norwich-Eaton, thepharmaceutical division of Procter & Gamble. Allelix (TSE:AXB)of Toronto is focused on tissue repair and inflammation.

Susan Thornton, former director of worldwide businessdevelopment for SmithKline Beecham Corp., has been namedvice president of business development for North America forthe Institute for Biological Research and Development Inc. IBRDis a pharmaceutical and biotechnology development company.

TechGen International, a specialist cell biology and molecularbiology distribution company based in London, has appointedBrian Page general manager of its U.K. subsidiary. Page wasmanaging director of Dynatech Laboratories.

La Jolla Pharmaceutical of San Diego has named Douglas A.Livingston associate director of chemical processes andoperations. He had worked in the chemical process R&Ddivision of the Upjohn Co. and the division of organic chemistryat Burroughs Wellcome Co. Privately held La JollaPharmaceutical is developing products that use antigen-polymer conjugates to treat antibody-mediated diseases.

Epitope Inc. of Beaverton, Ore., named "Dusty" Sandra Davidsonresearch clinical coordinator and promoted Susan Caouette toregulatory affairs manager. Caouette was manufacturingsupervisor, good manufacturing practices compliancecoordinator and regulatory compliance officer. Davidson wasclinical research coordinator for The Portland Clinic. Epitope(AMEX: EPT) is developing diagnostic tests and therapeuticanti-microbial drugs.

DNX Corp. has named Robert M. Winslow and HermanWaldmann to its scientific advisory board. Winslow is anadjunct professor in the department of medicine at theUniversity of California, San Diego. Waldmann is a professor oftherapeutic immunology at the University of Cambridge,England. DNX (NASDAQ:DNXX) of Princeton, N.J., focuses ontherapeutic products and biological testing services usingtransgenic animals.

Interneuron Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Lexington, Mass., hasnamed Dr. David W. Golde chairman of the scientific advisoryboard for Progenitor Inc., its subsidiary recently formed incollaboration with Ohio University to develop stem celltechnology. Golde is head of the hematologic oncology divisionat Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and professor ofmedicine at Cornell University Medical College. Interneuron(NASDAQ:IPIC) is developing products for neurological andbehavioral disorders.

Michael P. Bevilacqua has been named to the LiposomeCompany Inc.'s cell adhesion advisory board. Bevilacqua is aninvestigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and anassociate professor of pathology at the University of California,San Diego. The Princeton, N.J., company (NASDAQ:LIPO) isdeveloping liposome and lipid-based pharmaceuticals.

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