Organogenesis Inc. said it will expand clinical trials of its skingraft product for treating burns. Tests so far have shown noimmune or other adverse reactions to the cultured human skin.

In expanded Phase I testing, the Cambridge, Mass., company(AMEX:ORG) will start collecting data on efficacy, saidspokeswoman Jennifer Pierce.

The product contains all layers of the skin, "which means theskin graft can be put directly on the cleaned wound," saidPierce. By contrast, she said, a competing graft made byAdvanced Tissue Sciences Inc. requires that some skin be takenfrom the patient to aid in grafting.

Advanced Tissue Sciences (NASDAQ:ATISA) of La Jolla, Calif., inOctober presented initial results from it clinical trials, whichshowed that its dermal replacement can allow consistentgrowth of the patients' own skin over the graft, withoutinfection or evidence of rejection. -- RF

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